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123movies online is an illegal website and is used to download the latest movies free of cost. They have hundreds of movies ranging from Hollywood to Tollywood movies. People browse their site in search of the latest films and other favourite films. This is a pirate website and hence it is a crime to use them for downloading movies. Pirating a copyrighted film is not legal in our country or any country as a matter of fact. But still, people wish to use these kinds of websites to watch their favourite movies for free without paying any money. The government is constantly taking steps to shut such illegal pirate websites down but they still operate. From time to time they keep changing their domain names to escape the government’s eyes.



Why Do People Use Illegal Websites For Movie Download?

Movies and TV shows entertain people who are stressed out by their everyday busy schedule. Watching them has become a habit for most of us nowadays. There are many online apps like Netflix that stream films and shows but they come with a hefty price tag. People tend to find cheaper alternatives for costly things naturally. There comes the role of such piracy websites like 123movies online that steal the copyrighted content and give it for free to people. They provide downloading options for movies for people to watch later. There are many illegal websites including Tamil blasters and Movie rulz4. All of them will face serious issues if captured by the government and punished under cyber law.

User-Friendly Interface Of 123movies

123movies provides hundreds of Bollywood, Kollywood, and Tollywood movies. Also, there are some Hollywood movies that you can download and watch. On this site, you can even stream the movie and watch it instead of downloading it. There are many categories of films that you can pick from and all are thus subcategorised. Films that are released in recent times and films that have not yet been released are available on this website. This website provides links even for old films and thus people can watch whatever they want. The collection of movies is large and one can search for the favourite film by typing the name in the search bar. There are also formats with different video qualities available.How to Download Movies from 123movies?

Originating in Vietnam, the 123movies website has been shut down many times but all the steps are in vain. The website changes its domain expansion regularly at specific intervals of time. Whenever a domain is shut down, the site continues to operate under a different domain name. The users should be aware that if they are caught downloading from such illegal sites, they can be fined or arrested. So it is in your hands to choose whether you want to download from such sites. You can take some precautionary steps like getting a VPN to hide your IP address. This way you will remain anonymous while downloading the movie from illegal websites.

Watch the Latest Hindi, Tamil, Telugu films with 123movies

Be it Hindi films, Tamil films, or Telugu films, 123movies has it all. They provide links to the latest films as soon as the film gets released for free cost. This has ruined the business of many producers and theatre owners who suffer because of these pirate websites. Many laws have been passed in our country to stop this movie piracy from happening. But the government is not able to contain the issue and such sites operate happily till now. Many blockbuster movies like Bahubali, Bharath, Kabir Singh, and Kadaaram kondan are provided on the site with links for downloading. However, remember that all these come illegally unlike what you watch on Netflix or Amazon, or Hot star.


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