Is 8xFilms Safe for Online Movie Streaming?

8XFilms: The Ultimate Movie Piracy Site for Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil & Telugu Movies

If you’re a movie enthusiast and love to watch the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu movies, then 8XFilms is the site for you. Considered one of the greatest torrent sites worldwide, 8XFilms offers its audience the opportunity to watch the latest released movies in HD prints. No other torrent website can match the speed and quality of 8XFilms when it comes to uploading the latest Telugu, Tamil, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies.

However, it’s important to note that 8XFilms has been banned by Google in the United States due to copyright issues. But the good news is that the laws regarding torrent sites vary from country to country, and in some regions, you can still access and use 8XFilms in 2022. In this article, we will guide you on how to access 8XFilms and enjoy all the latest movies. Keep reading till the end!

How To Download the 8XFilms App?

If you find browsing uncomfortable, you can simplify your movie-watching experience by using the 8XFilms app. The app provides a comfortable and user-friendly interface for watching or downloading movies. Unlike the website, the app doesn’t have any annoying pop-up ads, making it easier to download the latest movies using the 8XFilms apk.

Information About 8XFilms APK:

The 8XFilms app offers many advantages over the website. With faster download speeds and no pop-up ads, the app provides a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for users. Here are some key features of the 8XFilms app:

File Size 3.09 MB
Version v3.0
Requirement Android 4.0 & Above
Languages English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam
Last Updated 1 Day Ago
License Free

How to Access 8XFilms Movie Download Website?

As 8XFilms is a video piracy site, it has faced numerous blocks and bans in many countries due to piracy issues. If you’re unable to access 8XFilms from your country, follow the steps below to gain access:

Method for Mobile:

1. Install a VPN app on your Android device to change your location. There are several recommended VPN apps available that you can use.
2. Open the VPN app and select the location as the United States. Check your IP address to ensure that it has been changed.
3. Once your IP address is changed, go to the official website of 8XFilms. You will now have full access to the 8XFilms website and can choose any movie to download.

Method for Desktop:

1. If you’re using a desktop, make sure you have Chrome Browser installed. If not, install it on your device.
2. Unlike mobile, you need to install a VPN extension for your desktop. We recommend using TunnelBear as your VPN extension.
3. After installing the VPN extension, connect to a location in the United States. TunnelBear doesn’t require any registration, making it easy to use.
4. Once connected to the new IP, visit the official website of 8XFilms, and you’re all set to go.

How To Download Movies From 8XFilms?

While it’s important to note that downloading pirated movies is illegal and supports copyright infringement, we understand that some users still prefer to use 8XFilms. If you choose to do so, follow the steps below to download movies from 8XFilms:

1. Open 8XFilms in your browser and browse the homepage to see the latest uploaded movies.
2. Use the search bar on the homepage to enter the name of the movie you want to download.
3. The search result will display the movie you’re looking for. You may encounter some pop-up ads, but you can easily bypass them by closing them one by one.
4. Once you find the movie, click on the thumbnail to play it. You can choose to watch the movie online or download it.
5. To download the movie, click on the “Download” button below the movie content. The download will start automatically in a few seconds. If you’re using a computer, consider using IDM (Internet Download Manager) to speed up your download.

8XFilms New Link 2022:

As 8XFilms faces blocks and bans, it constantly changes its domain names to maintain its availability. Here are some of the new links for 8XFilms where you can download your favorite movies with just one click:


Why 8XFilms Has Blocked In United States?

Due to the copyright laws in the United States, 8XFilms has been blocked and removed from Google search results. However, it’s important to note that there are numerous domain names similar to 8XFilms that still operate, such as 8XFilms 300mb, 8XFilms new movies, and 8XFilms English dubbed movies. These sites aim to take the place of the original 8XFilms. While you can still access and use these sites in some countries, we highly recommend going to the cinema hall and enjoying movies legally on the big screen. Watching copyright content from torrent sites is illegal, and it’s better to avoid using such sites.

Is It Safe To Use 8XFilms?

Recently, Google has banned 8XFilms in the United States. Therefore, it’s not possible to browse 8XFilms from the United States. However, the laws regarding piracy and torrent sites vary from country to country. While it’s rare to see individuals getting caught for downloading or streaming pirated movies online, it’s important to note that piracy is illegal. The arrests made in relation to piracy are usually for those involved in uploading and sharing pirated content online.

10 Best Alternatives To 8XFilms

If you’re looking for alternative websites to 8XFilms for downloading movies, here are the top 10 options that you can consider:

1. The Pirate Bay: Known as one of the most popular torrent search engines, The Pirate Bay offers a wide range of movies, software, mp3, songs, and videos for free. It has faced blocks and bans in many countries but continues to provide an extensive collection of content.

2. Putlocker: Putlocker is a piracy website that allows users to download all kinds of movies for free. It offers a vast collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies and provides both website and app versions for convenient access.

3. YTS: YTS is a popular website for watching and downloading movies online. It has a vast collection of English movies and provides a seamless streaming experience with minimal buffering. YTS is known for uploading the latest English movies faster than any other website.

4. 1337x: 1337x is another popular movie piracy site that offers a wide range of content, including Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Despite facing blocks and bans, 1337x remains active and provides fresh content to its users.

5. KickassTorrents: is a widely known torrent search engine for downloading movies, software, mp3, songs, and videos for free. It has faced numerous blocks but remains a reliable source for downloading content.

6. RARBG: RARBG is a movie piracy site that has been operating since 2008. It offers a wide range of movies and is especially known for providing high-quality prints. RARBG has faced blocks and bans but continues to serve millions of users.

7. EZTV: EZTV is a popular torrent site that specializes in TV shows. Although it has faced blocks and bans, EZTV remains active and provides a vast collection of TV series.

8. Go Movies: Go Movies is a popular torrent site that offers a wide range of movies for free. It has faced bans and issues, but proxy servers can be used to unblock the site.

9. KatMovieHD: KatMovieHD is a movie piracy site known for its fast uploading speed of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Despite facing piracy issues and bans, KatMovieHD continues to serve movie lovers.

10. Movierulz: Movierulz is a popular movie downloading site offering both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It has faced bans and blocks but remains a reliable alternative to 8XFilms.

It’s important to note that downloading and sharing pirated content is illegal and supports copyright infringement. We encourage you to watch movies legally, whether by going to the cinema or using official streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar Prime.

Frequently Asked Questions About 8XFilms

Here are some common questions and answers related to 8XFilms:

Q: How does 8XFilms work?
A: 8XFilms uploads copyrighted content to its website and earns revenue through advertisements displayed to its users.

Q: What is the traffic report of 8XFilms?
A: According to, 8XFilms receives more than 2 million visits per month from different countries. Its Alexa Rank worldwide is 42,030, and in India, it is 1603.

Q: How to use 8XFilms without ads?
A: To use 8XFilms without ads, you can install an ad-blocker extension on your computer or download an ad-blocker app from the Play Store for Android devices.

Q: How to use 8XFilms without a VPN?
A: If you want to access 8XFilms without a VPN, you can use proxy servers as an alternative. However, it’s important to note that proxy servers may not always be available or reliable.

Q: Why is 8XFilms so popular?
A: 8XFilms is popular because it provides the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies faster than any other website. Its extensive collection and fast uploading speed make it a go-to site for movie enthusiasts.

Q: Why is it wrong to download pirated movies from 8XFilms?
A: Downloading pirated movies from 8XFilms is illegal and supports copyright infringement. It causes significant financial losses to the movie industry, impacting filmmakers and the overall quality of content.

Q: Which languages are available in 8XFilms?
A: 8XFilms offers movies in various languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Marathi.

Q: Is it safe to use 8XFilms?
A: Using 8XFilms or any other movie piracy site is not safe and is considered illegal in many countries. We highly recommend watching movies through legal channels like cinema halls or official streaming platforms.


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