AnyRoR 7/12 Gujarat: Search Land Records Online – 2023

AnyRoR” stands for “Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat.” It is an official website launched by the Revenue Department of Gujarat in India that provides access to land record information online. The website allows users to search for information related to land records, such as landowner names and 7/12 utara records, maintained by the state government.. The information provided on the website is updated, and no physical visit is required to access the information.

How do Land Records Help us?

AnyROR Gujarat is an online platform that provides access to land records in Gujarat. By using AnyROR, individuals can obtain information about the ownership, survey, and other details of the land without having to visit the office physically. To access the information through the platform, users can follow these steps:

  • Log in to the official website of AnyROR Gujarat.
  • Click on the “Property Search” option on the home page.
  • Redirect to the next page and select “View Land Record Rural”.
  • Fill in essential details such as District, Village, Taluka, and Survey/Block Number.
  • Type the CAPTCHA accurately.

The information provided by the AnyROR Gujarat website is updated and no physical visit to the office is necessary.

Types of Land Records in Anyror?

According to the provided web search results over the Internet, the AnyROR Gujarat platform provides access to the following types of land records:

  • VF-6 (Village Form 6): This form includes information on day-to-day changes in the land records, and is maintained by the Village Accountant or Talati.
  • VF-7 (Village Form 7): This form carries information about the survey number, and is also known as Satbara Utara or 7/12.
  • VF-8A (Village Form 8A): This form contains Khata details.

How to Check 7/12 or AnyRoR Gujarat Land Records?

To check 7/12 or AnyRoR Gujarat Land Records, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to the official AnyRoR Gujarat website i.e.
Step 2: On the home page, click on the “View Land Record – Urban” option.
Step 3: Select the required land record.
Step 4: Enter the details such as District, Taluka, Village, and Survey Number.
Step 5: Solve the CAPTCHA code and click on the “Get” button.

Note: The information provided online is updated and no physical visit is required to obtain this information.


To view the land record for rural areas in Gujarat, one can visit the AnyRoR Gujarat official website at On the home page, click on “View Land Record – Rural”.

Additionally, the AnyRoR Gujarat app is also available for viewing the rural land records in Gujarat. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and it is provided by the Department of Revenue, Gujarat State.


Anyror is a service provided by the Department of Revenue, Gujarat State that allows users to view land records for urban areas of Gujarat. provides the “View Land Record – Urban” option, where users can access the urban land record. The website also offers a “Property Card” and “Unit Property Card” for urban land records.

Additionally, there is also a mobile app for Anyror which can be used to view and save the land records for both rural and urban areas of Gujarat.


The AnyROR (Any Record Online Gujarat) is a platform provided by the Gujarat government to help people search for information related to land records in the state of Gujarat, India.

The website of AnyROR can be accessed at Users can log in to the website and then choose between three options: Land Record Rural, Land Record Urban, and Property Search. To search for property information, you need to select the “Property Search” option.

The AnyROR platform provides information such as land owners name, 7/12 utara and other records maintained by the state government. This platform can be used to check the ownership of land and get access to information pertaining to the same.

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