Banglarbhumi: View Land Records of West Bengal (WB) Online

Almost every other person owns a property. When somebody owns the property they have to take care of many things related to it. They have to keep themselves informed of any kind of land reforms or reliefs and know the basic information about their land. It is very important to know the basic identification of one’s own land. Now to identify once land they have to keep information about their plot number, property value, Khatiyan number, etc. The state government of West Bengal has a special website with the name which keeps all the land record information. // Banglarbhumi



What is Banglarbhumi?

It is a kind of an online web portal that is specially designed for land-related things. It is launched by the government of West Bengal. This website contains all the information regarding the relief and rehabilitation department. It also contains information regarding land and land reforms. It also has information about the plot number, owner, property value, land area, etc of any land situated in West Bengal. This website was launched in the year of 2010. This website can be used by any person who wants to collect information regarding their land. 

How to use this website?

To use the Banglarbhumi official website, one has to follow the following steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly one has to open an account in the banglarbhumi by signing up. To sign up on this website one has to click on the sign-up mentioned on the official website of Banglar Bhumi, which is located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
  • Then everyone will get the registration of the deed on the West Bengal banglarbhumi website. 
  • After that, they have to apply for the mutation application process. In order to apply, they have to click on citizen services and after that, they have to click on the mutation application option. 
  • On clicking it they will give a form which they have to feel as per the instructions. 
  • On this website, you can visit and know all the information regarding your property. 
  • On this website under the citizen service option, one can choose a 30 days notice mutation case. 
  • One can also request a mouza map. In order to request it, first, they have to go for citizen services then service delivery then mouza map request. 
  • One can also know about mouza map availability details. 
  • One can also know information regarding mutation plot khatian status. 
  • In order to cancel the West Bengal mutation, one has to visit the official website of banglarbhumi and then complete the process by following the instructions that are mentioned on the screen and then choose the cancel option from the main menu. 

How to sign up for online registration on this website?

In order to sign up for online registration in Banglarbhumi, one has to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly one has to visit the official website that is
  • Then you will be redirected to the homepage. 
  • On reaching the homepage you will be able to see on the very right-hand top corner of the screen that two options are available. 
  • The two options are sign in and sign up. Click on the signup option. 
  • On clicking it you will be given a public registration form. 
  • In the form, one has to fill in the mandatory fields like name,  surname, guardians name, address, municipality, district, pin number, email id, email otp, phone number, mobile OTP, and password. 
  • Keep a record of your password in order to sign in on this website in the future. The person feeling up to this registration form has to confirm their email id and mobile number by entering the respective OTP. 
  • After entering all the information which is required in the form, fill up the capture code and then click on submit. 

Banglarbhumi Application: What is it?

As we already know that there is a website regarding Banglarbhumi, an application is also available in the Google Play Store. The application is called BanglarBhumi mobile application. Now one can just download it from the Google Play Store and use it as per their requirement. 

This application contains the following information:

  • Khtiyan information.
  • Plot information. 
  • LR-LS information. 
  • Fee details. 
  • Officer details. 
  • Mutation case details. 

Advantages of the Banglarbhumi website or application

The advantages are:

  • One of the important benefits of using this website is that the residents of West Bengal are not required to visit any government office physically to take any information about their land situated in West Bengal. They can access any information regarding their lands at any time in a few minutes through this digital application or website. 
  • Even any information on land or property regarding the remotest areas of West Bengal is available on this website. 
  • This website or application has also made the procedure of sale and purchase of any land or property very simple. 
  • This website or application creates transparency in the state’s land record maintenance and upkeep. 
  • This website or application keeps detailed information about khatiyan and Plot information to avoid any kind of dispute regarding ownership claims of any land or property. 
  • If any entrepreneur is thinking of setting up any industry in West Bengal they can access any information regarding the proposed sites of infrastructural availability. 


This website or application launched by the State government of West Bengal has eased the process of assessing any information on land or property in West Bengal.

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