PFMS 2022 : PFMS Online List, Online Payment Status –

The Public Financial Management System (PFMS) is government accounting software that helps public officials track and organize financial records and transactions. It was first implemented in 1997, and PFMS includes standard accounts receivable, marketing spending, sales tax, inventory, and payroll features. State governments and local governments use the PFMS all across the country, and it has been nicknamed PFMS for short or “the system.”

This article presents an overview of the prevalence of the public financial management system in American government agencies. The piece began with a summation of how it was initially implemented and why it became very prevalent in American state governments during its inception. This article then went over the system’s functions and features to conclude with a summary of its continued use throughout the American government today.


*Last Update On 27th January 2022*

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Seva Sindhu : Service Plus (Service Indus) Registration –

You can make use of the things for the seva sindu for maintaining the better works in Karnataka district. The Government of Karnataka launched Seva Sindu, an online platform, to give residents convenient and economical government services right at their doorstep. Additionally the government has taken the cashless and paperless authorities offerings for simpler authorities work to be carried out in an easier manner. This online service promises to shorten delivery times and eliminate the need to physically visit government offices. Seva Sindu has now launched COVID 19-related features that may be accessed simply by registering on the app.


*Last Update On 22th January 2022*

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