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Release Date: December 25, 2020

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Comedy-Romance, Romance

Average Score: 22% Positive

Reviews Counted: 4

Review By Filmcompanion

Ratings: N/A

Review By: Komal Nahta (Critic)

People who stammer, lisp or are overweight are punchlines for jokes. And the women are props. It hurts to see Sara Ali Khan reduce herself to dancing vigorously and making faces. Her Manish Malhotra-wardrobe has more complexity than her character. And then there’s Varun Dhawan in brownface because obviously a coolie can’t be fair-skinned. He throws himself into the job of being a proper Hindi film hero – doing comedy, action and romance with gusto.

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Review By India Today

Ratings: 3/5

Review By: Tiasa (Critic)

Claiming to break stereotypes by heavily stereotyping people across the board is a device bad Bollywood never seems to get enough of: all the transgender characters clap their hands, and dance around a fire; a good Muslim character wears a ‘topi’ and beard; and everyone else speaks their lines in the hope of making us laugh.

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Review By Guardian

Ratings: 2/5

Review By: Mike (Critic)

The well-populated songbreaks – which retain more life and colour than the jokes – reveal this a bigger film than its predecessor. Dhawan now has access to sunnier locations and more expensive hotels; the aim is clearly to give those of us in the cheap seats a sniff of the high life. But with the material as thin as ever, this version seems even emptier: it goes in one ear, and vaporises before it can emerge from the other. In 1995, and in the absence of more pressing entertainment options, such candyfloss might have passed two hours mindlessly enough. In 2020, this means it will almost certainly be the streaming premiere most likely to go unfinished this season – and competition for that sorry distinction has been fierce.

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Review By News18

Ratings: 1/5

Review By: Rohit (Critic)

Then there are frequent imitations of Bollywood stars in bizarrely disinteresting ways, and in the middle of all this unintentional chaos, Sara Ali Khan keeps standing on the balcony in search of a savior, not for her but the film. Either she knew what was going to happen to the film and wanted to get out of the sets as soon as possible, or what they say about nepotism is true. It’s not a film she would like to be remembered for.

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Coolie No 1 Movie Run Time

Release Date Of Coolie No 1

Coolie No 1 Launched On December 25, 2020.

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