Eehhaaa : Jaa Lifestyle App Registration 2022

Eehhaaa: As years pass by, especially after the recent pandemic when all were stranded in their households, and the economic condition of the people was usually going downhill, the world is coming up with more and more ways and means to earn well through the internet.

Remote work has come more into the light, and JAA Lifestyle is one of its kind. JAA lifestyle is a company where the employees could earn their salaries through remote work and has a big number of the population employed in its firm. It is a great way to earn money through some methods and gain confidence in yourself. This article will provide you with a comprehensive insight into how and what to do to go about JAA Lifestyle. Stay connected till the end to know more about this super-evolving platform!



The networking facility on JAA Lifestyle is an easy-to-go one. Through their website, you could register the basic requirements asked for and log in successfully.

  • After successful login, as per the Details page, the users can view the platform’s advertisements. For every ad that you are going to watch, an amount of INR 0.0456 is going to be credited to your bank balance.
  • Referring the platform to your acquaintances could also fetch you a good amount.
  • Other methods of your salary increment could be adding three more members, which will spike your salary by INR 250. However, watching other ads is always an option to earn more.
  • JAA Lifestyle also has some additional schemes enlisted and has pre-registration opened.
  • The users on the JAA lifestyle platform can make use of a lot of services online once they have access to the login page of the forum.
  • The INR 1600 KYC verification fee is authentic and has online proof that it is completely genuine and the money is not used for other purposes.
  • Currently, JAA Lifestyle has integrated with, which happens to be a great and popular advertising agency. Once you become an affiliate of the same, they will get to view more advertisements.
  • Signing up at is essential for registering at JAA Lifestyle.

Through the wide participation of the users, a family of over 90 million users has been created here.


Let us guide you on the payment facilities and methods on this platform.

  • JAA Lifestyle needs you to sign up on the portal before commencing any kind of transactions or such related activities.
  • For a successful KYC registration, an amount of about 18 euros, around INR 1600, is required.
  • As a first step towards being a member here, choose the plan that will work best for you.
  • Each plan comes with a specific fee that needs to be paid by you.
  • Hence, your work strategy will largely depend on the type of plan and work you have chosen to earn money.


Follow these steps to get guided on how to update your mobile number at JAA Lifestyle.

  • Visit the official website of JAA Lifestyle.
  • Use your login details to complete the logging-in procedure.
  • Press the update button beside ‘My Information.
  • Change your phone number to the correct one and save the changes made.


Once you have logged into the EEHHAAA JAA Lifestyle portal, you will come across a dashboard with many options such as your account details, commissions earned, and the various niche options for you to make money from.

Here, let us explore the various money-making options you could get in touch with.


If you are well-versed with the stock market and the concept of selling and buying shares, this option will serve as the ultimate one for you.

This option works like investing shares in a market.

All you have to do is buy some shares of a good and authentic company, and in days to come, when the shares make a remarkable image in the market, you will earn a hefty good profit from it.


As already discussed, watching ads is a great and easy way to earn money here. You could get in touch with different types of plans for watching ads daily or regularly.


By referring the platform to some of your acquaintances (friends, family), you can earn a good amount of money.

As soon as your referred person joins JAA Lifestyle, your profit shall get credited to your account.

You can keep track of all the people who have joined through your referral link by selecting ‘My Team’ on your Dashboard.

For clearing level one, three people need to join, and you need more than three individuals to join through your reference to get exciting rewards.


Mobile applications are preferred way more by people than just using the web for your causes.

Thus, EEHHAAA JAA Lifestyle has also developed its own mobile application, which you could easily download from your Google PlayStore on your android device.

The best part is that it does not consume much of your space on the phone and even works quite efficiently.


 Losing track of your JAA Lifestyle credentials could be a problematic issue for you. However, do not worry. We are here to guide you on how to recover them instantly.

  • If you have forgotten the passcode, simply click on the ‘forgot password’ link.
  • Enter the username and select ‘Send’; a password recovery link shall be set to your email id, and you can reset your password now.
  • In case you have lost track of the username, you need to email the platform at [email protected], which will guide you on how to recover the same.
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