EShram Portal – CSE Login & Registration Shramik Card 2023

What is eshram and its purpose?



esharam : A portal that is been created for the workers to check out the benefits for them and varieties of some Yojana receiving the e-Shram card. It is basically created by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The basic that used for the people to bring the welfare and the unorganized sector that consider the members of the EPFO or ESIC.

It is considered to be important for which the centralized database has got the work on the Aadhaar card. The benefits that comes from the migrant and also the thing that work on the implementing the central and State ministries.

It gives the complete security and the welfare benefits of the working places.  It also ensures the great work on social security. A lot of constriction worker can get this welfare and some benefits from the portal. People can apply for this card using the online portal and fro the registration process at e-shram card.

The government might get the better security for the people during the time of rainy days through this E-Shram yojana. It is very important for the people during the time of difficult situation. The people in need really utilize this time of difficult situation.

How to register for esharam card in Online?

Just follow up this procedure which literally helps you to find out the restoration process easily in online. It is given by step by step process to follow up in online.

  1. Visit the official website of e-shram in the web browser with the stable internet connection and ensure to use it devices like personal computer or android mobile.
  2. After visiting the website, in the homepage you can find the registration option and click it where you can find the registration form.
  3. There you can find the form of e-shram and the page will be clearly visible to use it. It will ask some of the details and ensure to fill it out perfectly.
  4. Enter your aadhar card number then you can see a captcha which ask you to confirm about your human or robot. After confirming that you will receive a notification which says that OTP number.
  5. Now enter the OTP number where it is asked and then you will be taken to the next web page for completing the process.
  6. In that page you will be asked to submit some of your documents that are required and then fill out the details that are asked.
  7. Now finalize the process of filling out the form and uploading the required documents and complete the whole procedure.
  8. While making this process if you find any errors you will be asked to exit the form and visit it once again for the registration process.
  9. Then complete registration process for making the process to get successfully completed and you will be registered finally.
  10. Well, these are the simple procedure that you need to follow for restating into the e-shram card.

Some of the esharam portal details which you need to know


Higher Authority


Ministry of Labour & Employment


Name of the portal


eShram portal


Name of Card


Some unique identification number card – UAN


Scheme Launched by


PM Narendra Modi




Unorganized sector worker and labourers


Article type


e-Shram Portal UAN card online registration


Official website

What are all the documents that are required for this e-shram registration card?

For registering to this e-shram registration all you need is to have some of the documents that are required. All the proffered documents should be original and belongs to the person who is applying it the e-shram card. The documents that are required for proof purpose and it makes the work soon that you can apply for the card.

These are the documents that are needed for the registration process

  1. Aadhaar number.
  2. Aadhaar linked active mobile number.
  3. Bank account details.
  4. Age has to between 16 to 59 years.
  5. Qualification certificate – optional.
  6. Ration card
  7. Electricity bill
  8. Skill certificates –optional
  9. Business certificate- optional.
  10. Income certificates- optional.

What categorized people can include applying for the esharam card?

It actually comes under simple categories that carry over the people who were all in no organization. The different categorization sector has the main areas to get cover up on the work that are associated with some sectors. The private or public sectors are very important to have a look on the regular wages to note on the work. // esharam

It takes away the working details from receiving the stipends. It also includes the work of the workers leave certificates. It all comes under the work or the private process to receive some of the provident in the beneficiary list to take control over the benefits system.

Benefits of having this EShram card

  • The government of India has made lot of welfare schemes for the people who struggle out there.
  • The workers and labours can get this useful welfare system from the government of India.
  • This scheme literally helps the people to know the benefits and use it at the exact time of difficulties.
  • The lack awareness is the mistakes to them. This scheme in online can bring them to know more about the benefits.
  • The updating of the system will eventually bring the better plan for the people and they can get more opportunity in future.
  • They can get the financial support and some social security scheme benefits from this plan that has been made by the government.
  • Another important benefit is Bhima Yojana insurance cover for the premium wave for more than a year.
  • It also gives the track to the migrant labourer workforce to the people from the government of India.

Final Words

e sharam : The people from the uncategorised sector can get the benefit of this scheme very well. Even the work they make will bring the better source to them and also supports the financial status to the people.


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