IG Panel APK [v3.8] Download Unlimited*MOD 2022

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How to download IG Panel APK [v3.8] 2022?

Are you willing to increase your Instagram followers? Are you looking forward to a perfect help that can help you in boosting up your visibility on Instagram? If yes, make sure to use IG Panel APK on your device.

Social media platforms, especially Instagram are currently serving as the leading advertising platforms these days. It has emerged as the perfect business partner for everyone eager to showcase their skills, their products, and much more on a wider scale.  It’s not only about businesses, but also a large number of other people are also using it as a perfect platform for driving their career as social media influencers. Being an Instagram user, everyone wants to have more followers on their account. Everyone wishes to grow their followers without spending any amount on it.

But do you think that is quite possible?

Surely yes. Especially when you are having a perfect platform like IG Panel APK.

If you are also willing to increase your Instagram followers at this moment, you just have landed at the right place here. We will assist you here through absolute information on how to increase unlimited Instagram followers or likes on your Instagram account. The guide will help you in knowing how to download IG Panel APK on your device, and about its functionalities effortlessly.

What is IG Panel APK?

IG Panel APK is a wonderful third-party source that helps you in increasing likes and followers on your Instagram account effortlessly. It is an auto liker and follower bot option that is quite effective in increasing your Instagram likes, comments, and videos effectively. It is a free to use platform that is integrated with a wide range of functionalities. The platform provides users the freedom of unlocking different features such as story views, likes, comments, live video views, emoji comments, followers, and much more.

Features of IG Panel APK

IG Panel APK is a feature-loaded platform that offers users a wide range of functionalities. It is the perfect way to increase your popularity, your followers, your likes, comments, and much more on the fastest growing social media platform and that is Instagram. The main features of this wonderful apk platform are:

Unlimited Followers

The very basic and main thing that IG Panel APK serves users is unlimited followers. The number of followers on an Instagram account describes its popularity. Higher will be the number of followers on any Instagram account, more are the chances to get wider business. But getting that higher number of followers on the Instagram account is not possible and is easier for everyone. It requires a lot of effort, hard work, dedication, and time for sure to reach that higher level of followers.

The entire process is quite time and effort-consuming. Keeping that higher level of patience throughout is not possible for everyone and that’s why people start looking forward to an alternate source that can help them in acquiring that higher number of followers effectively. IG Panel APK holds the capacity of boosting up your Instagram followers and hence can serve to be a great help to gain high-end popularity in a shorter time.

Unlimited likes

Not only followers, but IG Panel APK is also quite effective in adding up unlimited likes to your Instagram account. It is a great auto liker tool that increases the number of likes on our Instagram posts, reels, and videos automatically. The best thing about this wonderful tool is that you can use it effortlessly for unlimited times. If you are using this tool and you have added up a post, it will immediately increase the number of likes on your post effectively.

Auto commenter and comment liker

IG Panel APP is a great tool that holds the capability of adding up comments and then liking them further on your Instagram account. In short, we can also say that one doesn’t need to wait too long for getting some comments on their Instagram posts, videos, and stories. You will get some as soon as you will make a post over here.

Live videos, video views, and story views

IG Panel APK serves to be a great tool for all those who prefer posting live videos on their Instagram account quite often. The tool is quite effective in increasing the overall views on your videos, stories, IGTV video, and even reels as well.

How to install IG Panel APK on an Android device?

The installation process of the IG Panel APK is quite straightforward. It is an APK or modded file that is not present on the official app store of Android i.e. Google Play Store. So, for enabling a successful installation over here, you need to consider some third-party source. The things you have to do here for enabling the successful download of IG Panel APK on Android platform are:

  • Go to the Settings option of your device and then turn on Unknown Source installation from there.
  • Once done you next have to launch your web browser and then have to search for the option of IG Panel APK over here.
  • Select the most reliable and working link of IGPanel APK and then open it up.
  • Tap on the green-coloured Download button for enabling the successful downloading of the application on your device.
  • Once done with the downloading process, you now have to visit the file location where you have downloaded the IG Panel APK file.
  • Tap to open the IG Panel APK file and then tap on the Install option being provided there.
  • The installation process will initiate. You just need to wait patiently throughout.
  • The IG Panel APK  icon will start appearing on your device once after its successful installation.

Install IG Panel APK on iOS

IG Panel APK is not available to be installed or accessed on iOS devices. If you are willing to enjoy the same services on your iOS device, you may need to take the help of some alternative source.


IG Panel APK is a great way to gain unlimited followers, likes, comments, comment likes, and much more to your Instagram account. It is a perfect way to grow faster on one of the leading social media platforms. I hope this guide will help you in getting this wonderful apk file installed on your device effortlessly.

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