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When you’re taking a photo and want to share it with friends and family, what do you do? Well, if you have an iPhone or iOS device, then you can use the Instagram app. This site is built to automatically upload your photos using the Instagram app. However, not every phone has this app out and that’s why we’ve created this website as another option for uploading your pictures onto social media without using the official service.


What is an Imginn?

An imginn is a file that is used to upload content from your phone’s camera roll and save them to a website such as Imginn. The imginn’s were created by iPhone users who were big fans of Instagram but found the process confusing and stressful. They created this site because they wanted to share photos with their friends and family, but didn’t want all of the stress associated with uploading pictures, or using apps or any other third party  application.

How do I use Imginn?

Imginn comes preloaded with an option called “Upload Photos”. You can manage your photos by selecting them from the gallery, or you can upload new ones manually. The imginn is a webpage that looks exactly like Instagram. The only difference between imginn and Instagram is the color scheme and the upload process, so you don’t need to download any applications to use our service. To upload photos to your account, simply click on “Upload Photos” on the top right corner of your screen. In less than 10 seconds, your photo(s) will be uploaded with a link to share with friends and family.

Is it safe to share my photos using this service?

Yes. The imginn software is completely safe, as it performs no operations on your iPhone’s storage or any of the other functions that you may be used to. This site just helps you upload your pictures without wasting time and energy. If you’re not pleased with our service, we offer a full refund within 24 hours of purchase Imginn was created in September 2014 by two business partners, who had been avid users of the Instagram application for many years by using iPhone and iPad devices. They wanted to be able to share their photos with friends and family more easily.

What is the benefit of using Imginn?

There are many benefits to using Imginn, however the main one we like to highlight is that it makes sharing your photos a snap, rather than a hassle. As mentioned above, there are other ways to use imginn, but we believe that this service is by far the easiest and most rewarding. Here’s an explanation of how you can use this service. First, download the imginn app on your iPhone or iPad. Next, log in with your username or email address then follow these simple steps: Find a photo on your camera roll or website and click “Upload. Click “Done”.

Is it possible to share photos without having an iPhone?

Yes. In today’s age of technology, we have a lot of options to choose from. If you don’t own an iPhone and are still interested in sharing your pictures with friends, family and colleagues then please click on the link provided below to download the Android version of the Imginn app. Simply follow these instructions: First, download the apk files on your computer. Then, go to your Google Play store on your Android device and search for “Imginn”. Install the app onto your device following the instructions provided by Google Play.

Features of using the imginn:

The features of this site are that you can upload photos directly onto this site and the photos will then automatically be uploaded onto your account on Instagram or Facebook. Another good feature is that it doesn’t take you away from other sites, like other uploading sites do. You are still able to continue surfing and doing what you need while the photos upload onto this website.

Another good feature of this website is that it is free to use, unlike other websites that have a fee attached to them after a certain amount of time. This website is that when you are uploading your pictures to Instagram or Facebook, the pictures are automatically uploaded. You don’t have to do any work, such as clicking on a button or waiting for a certain amount of time. When you have Imginn’s features you can upload multiple photos at once, which is another good feature.

A feature that this site has is that it doesn’t require any downloads from the user. You aren’t required to download any applications onto your computer and other devices in order to use this site, unlike other sites that require you to do so. There’s also no fee for using Imginn and no other hidden costs associated with Imginn.

Final Verdict: 

To conclude, Imginn is a site that helps you upload pictures to photo sharing websites. It was created as a solution to all of the problems that people face when they are trying to take a picture with their iPhones and iPads. This site has many features such as uploading multiple photos in one session and not being required to download any applications onto your device. This website looks exactly like Instagram and Facebook, so you don’t have to worry about your photos looking different than they normally would on Instagram or Facebook.


  1. Is Imginn safe to use?

Yes. Imginn is a website that was created by two business partners who wanted to solve a problem for the people using their iPhone devices. The site uses an imginn system which does not have any viruses or any applications on the computer or the tablet.

  1. Do I need an iPhone/iPad to use this website?

Yes, you will need an iPhone/iPad in order to use this website and it works with most of the Apple products including iPad, iPod Touch and Macs as well.

  1. What is the benefit of using the imginn? 

The one main benefit of using this website is that it allows you to upload pictures directly to Instagram and Facebook without having to go through any other steps or processes.

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