Kolkata FF Result Today 28th April 2023 Fatafat Winner List, Numbers

What is the Kolkata fatafat game is all about?



Name of the Article Kolkata Fatafat Result
Name of the Game Kolkata Fatafat
Game Type Lottery
Kolkata Lottery Price Rs. 6 per lottery
Result Date *16th January 2023*
Mode of the Result Online Mode
Result Availability Status Now Available
Authorized Portal https://www.kolkataff.com/

We all are quite aware of the fact that Kolkata fatafat is one of the most popular lottery games in Kolkata. The organisers of the game announce the name of the person who has won the lottery. When we are discussing this wonderful game, let’s discuss the Kolkata fatafat result today, 04.01.2023. You might be getting curious to know about it, right! If the same is happening with you, don’t worry because here we are sharing all the details related to it so that there will be no trouble at all.

Note: We suggest you check out the slots for which the result has been released today. Below you will find out the list. We hope that in the list, your name will be available.

Kolkata fatafat is a lottery game in which people need to buy a lottery ticket that is available at a certain price. Yes, you read it right. The ticket is essential for deciding about the future. When the ticket sold out, organises pick up a random number and guess it. If you are the one whose number has matured the announce number, then you will win money or any other sort of price available. It totally depends on the organisers that which type of price they have decided.

It is also essential to know that this game is played in Kolkata only and if you wish to become a part of the same, you need to visit them. Some people are so addicted to the game that they put their belonging in return for getting the lottery ticket.

Playing criteria of the game:

It is also essential to know that the slots for sale are available from Monday to Sunday. But in starting six days, that is Monday to Saturday, users can play the game eight times in a day, but on Sunday, they can play it four times only.

Fatafat winner list 1 July 2022 // Kolkata FF

Understanding about the fatafat game of Kolkata, then the result will be available at the official website at www.kolkataff.com. The organisers update the results here only, and users can check it out. Live updates are there from the side of the organiser so that users will not be able to miss the results at all.

Let’s explore the different timings with the organisers announce the results. The local language, the lottery game, is known as Bazi, and due to the fact that it is repeated eight times in a day and it is referred to as 8 Bazis.

The best part about the Kolkata fatafat game is that people earn a good amount of money easily at once. But after becoming habitual of it, they used to invest in the same game to earn more money.


Bazis Time Kolkata FF Result Today 16.09.2021 Previous FF Results
First 10:03 a.m. 578
Second 11:33 a.m. 269
Third 01:03 p.m. 259
Fourth 02:33 p.m. 225
Fifth 04:03 p.m. Kolkata FF Result Today 05.08.2021 467
Sixth 05:33 p.m. 578
Seventh 07:03 p.m. 269
Eighth 08:33 p.m. 259


How to check out the results for the fatafat lottery // Kolkata FF ?

If you have become part of the most famous lottery of Kolkata fatafat one, you might be getting curious to know how to check out the results. If the same has the same question in your mind and then we would like to know you that in the table we have discussed the timing through which you can know about it. But in detail, the procedure is as follows:-

  1. At the very first, you need to visit the website of Kolkata fatafat at www.kolkataff.com.
  2. Now after reaching the home page, browse through it and look at the horizontal table available below. After every 1 hour 30 minutes, the table gets updated.

kolkata fatafat tips

  1. As we discuss the timings and the organisers discuss the first point at 10.03 a.m. and from this timing, you can understand about the duration in which it will get updated.
  2. In the end, you will see there are Eight results available.
  3. If you become the port of entry in the lottery, you have to visit the nearest centre and then give the call to the official Kolkata fatafat number to claim it.
Rounds/ Baazis Timing
1st Round 10:17 AM
2nd Round 11.45 AM
3rd Round 01:15 PM
4th Round 02:45 PM
5th Round 04:15 PM
6th Round 05:45 PM
7th Round 07:15 PM
8th Round 08:45 PM


Is it right to choose the YouTube videos to engage in the game?

If you want to understand the interface of the game, then going to the YouTube videos will be beneficial for you.

How many winners are there will be Kolkata fatafat game?

In total, there were eight winners available with the Kolkata fatafat game.

Here we have come to an end and disclose about the Kolkata fatafat game. What are you waiting for? Be a part of this lottery game immediately so that you can have an Ultimate experience.


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