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Melongmovie is an illegal movie downloading and streaming website. Whereas you can download all the newest released HD movies with Indonesian subtitles and languages. It is a platform where we can download films, TV shows, and documentaries. Melongmovie has made it very easy to watch movies anytime in the world with no registration required. The best thing about watching movies on this website is that there are no restrictions and you don’t need to be an online member.

With only one click, you can watch your favourite movie without the need of any other software in your computer or mobile device. Melongmovie works as an online application for smartphone or computer which also comes with some unique features like simultaneous streaming for both devices and constant update list of films which means that we always get new films to watch when they are released in the market.

What is a Melongmovie?

Melongmovie is a new website where you can simply and easily download the latest Indonesian movies online that are usually released in cinemas. Its algorithm automatically detects the movie you are looking for and presents it to you as soon as it is released. Most Downloaded Indonesian movies are full-length movies (more than 90 minutes) or TV shows uploaded here by users. If there are other formats such as: MP4, MKV, AVI or MOV available at Browsing, then select them.

How does it work? 

It is very easy to use this website. Just click on the title you are looking for to start streaming.

Obviously, movie streaming sites download movies rather than get them through a legitimate channel, but they can serve some good use. For one, they have subtitle options and are an excellent resource when you cannot find the film in your local library (or if you simply prefer the safety of film downloads). In addition, these websites do not host illegal content. Let’s focus on legal uses and keep these sites open. Downloading movies on Melongmovie is way cheaper than buying them, especially when it comes to premium films.

Features of using the Melongmovie:

  1. You do not need to register for a film to download it.
  2. You need to get an active internet connection before you can stream or download any film from this website.
  3. Each movie is available in 1080p quality, Blu-ray and HD quality with high speed downloading.
  4. The user interface is very easy to use and a simple click on the desired title will start streaming it instantly without having to wait for the buffer time.
  5. Streaming has two options, the basic video player which serves as the initial start of streaming and full screen option is accessible by clicking on the rectangular icon below that of the play button at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  6. The website has recently added a separate section for movie uploaders, so you can easily upload your own videos and share it with other users.
  7. It also provides a wide range of subtitles and language available within the site, and you can convert them in real-time while watching movies.
  8. There is also an audio track of the film so you can watch it in English or other languages as well.

What Melongmovie website is so popular?

Melongmovie is a very popular website in Indonesia that serves more than just downloading. This website has more than 3,000 registered users, which is approximately 20% of the total population of Indonesia. Most of the users are Indonesians, who are passionate about movies and travel around the world to download them. The site is also popular outside of Indonesia since it has become a common site for downloading Indonesian movies and TV shows on mobile devices or computers. With the Internet penetration rate increasing by 20% every year, many people prefer to use their mobile phones as their primary source for accessing information from any website they visit.

Is it safe to use Melongmovie?

Melongmovie is a safe website to use. It has a legal status and an encryption certificate. In addition, it is constantly monitored by the police and is licensed by the Ministry of Communication and Information. Although it is usually illegal to download films online, this website helps users get access to films on their computers or mobile phones. This can be used for educational purposes as well as entertainment purposes.

How do you know if Melongmovie is safe? 

Downloading films from any other site is illegal in Indonesia because the law does not allow citizens of Indonesia to download films from other streaming sites without permission or paying a fine. Melongmovie is licensed and legal to use. If the website is provided with a certificate, it means that it is run legally, and it operates in accordance with the law. Every film on the Melongmovie website has been approved by the Ministry of Communication and Information.

In addition, Melongmovie has entered into a partnership with Indofilm to help distribute Indonesian films worldwide and make them available for free downloading on Melongmovie, as well as other legal sites such as iTunes. The site started with around 100 entries but now there are over 1,000 films that are currently being offered for free by Indofilm and streamable through Melongmovie.

Is Melongmovie’s website illegal?

It is not illegal to use the Melongmovie website because it is licensed by the government and can freely be used.  In addition, this site only provides films that are available in Indonesia and cannot download films that are not available in Indonesia. Melongmovie has been a web portal for streaming films the site was accused of providing links to downloads for pirated films. This made it hard for the website to obtain a legal licence from the government, which is why it started off as a video streaming site instead of a film download service so that it could at least stay open.

Final verdict:

Because not all users are eager to view movies and television shows in English, many prefer to watch movies and television shows in their home tongue. So, in this post, we’ve located the perfect place for you to watch all the current HD movies for free with melongmovie.


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