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Are you looking for a perfect Micro finance company? If yes, we are here with an absolute option for you. Getting finance for different purposes has not remained a hectic task now. Just go to a reliable micro finance app and opt for your preferable services effortlessly. The major obstacle that blocks one’s way throughout is the unavailability of reliable, credible, and trustworthy names in the marketplace. To make it convenient for our readers and to offer them a vast range of financial services we are here with the best platform i…e MiFlow. The guide will include full-on information about this wonderful repository portal and will also let you help you in making secure login to it.

L&T is known as one of the leading companies in the marketplace that serves a vast range of services to the users. The brand recently launched a wonderful web portal for the convenience of users and that has created a buzz in the marketplace. The micro finance Collection Repository portal is a wonderful addition by L&T Finance that offers a vast range of financial services and micro finance options to the users. This repository portal is being launched as a MiFlow web app or MiFlow MERC portal. So, just download the app on your device and get the absolute information about different micro finance services effortlessly.

How to make a secure login to the MiFlow login page?

If you are willing to enjoy the unlimited benefits at Micro finance Collection Repository by L&T Finance you first need to make a secure login to it to enable secure access. If you don’t know how to do it perfectly, make sure to follow up on the detailed guide we are providing you below:

  • Launch your web browser and then go to the official website of MiFlow at https://miflow.Itferp.com/mficollections/.
  • Once you do it, you will land on the homepage of the website.
  • The users who are credible for using the MiFlow login portal are usually provided with an official login ID.
  • Enter your Login ID to the given segment and once it’s done you next have to enter your password in the given segment.
  • The next thing you have to do in the league is to provide the domain name in the given section.
  • On the successful completion of the above process just tap on the Login button to enable secure login to it.
  • Bingo! You have successfully logged into the Micro finance Collection Repository by L&T.

Languages available in MiFlow 

MiFlow is an amazing micro finance portal that is being designed for the convenience of the users. The portal is available in different languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, and much more, and that has made access quite convenient. Language is not going to become a barrier anywhere. It is a multilingual platform that can be easily accessed by anyone anywhere and anytime effortlessly. Users can easily start their preferred language just after making a secure login to it. Once done successfully, the details will flash up on your home screen in your preferable language only.

Features of MiFlow

MiFlow is a wonderful micro finance collection repository being presented by L&T that offers the finance facilities for running a business efficiently. This micro loan is usually provided to the women for helping them stay in business effectively. Users are here absolutely free to get a maximum loan of Rs. 45000 and can efficiently pay it in about 24 months. If you are willing to get fiancé assistance through this wonderful platform you need to follow up on the details we are providing you below:

  • For applying for the micro finance loan at MiFlow one needs to attain a minimum age of 20 years whereas the maximum age for applying for the same is 60 years.
  • The platform only lends money to the women.
  • Users are free to get a loan amount of about Rs. 45000 here.
  • The maximum loan tenure at MiFlow is 2 years.
  • Users here are free to opt for a monthly repayment routine for paying their amount.
  • One doesn’t need to have any collateral for accessing the services here.
  • The platform only charges about 1% of the processing fee in all.


So, guys! This is all about the Micro finance Collection Repository by L&T. The integration of this wonderful platform in the marketplace has made it quite easier for the ladies to get a loan for running their business successfully. It is a platform that offers a maximum of about Rs. 45000 in all just at the processing fee of about 1%. Users can easily pay the asked loan in the maximum period of about 2 years. It is a very simple and easy-to-go platform that doesn’t require any hard-core technical information to get started with it. Just install the application on your device and start using it hassle-free.

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