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Mangal Mission Box Office Collection: Day 11 Sees an Increase in Revenue

In an unexpected turn of events, the box office collection for Mission Mangal on day 11 surpassed that of day 10. The producer figure for day 11 was 13.32 crore, while the figure for day 10 stood at 15.3 crore. The directors were pleasantly surprised by this unexpected increase in revenue.

Mission Mangal Total Box Office Collection: Day 1-11

The total box office collection for Mission Mangal from day 1 to day 11 is as follows:

– Trade Figure: 160.5 crore
– Producer Figure: 164.61 crore

How Much Is the Budget of Mission Mangal?

Mission Mangal had a budget of 100 crore rupees. Out of this, 32 crore rupees were spent on production costs, 18 crore rupees on prints and advertising, and 50 crore rupees on salary costs.

How Many Screens Did Mission Mangal Release in India?

Mission Mangal was released in over 3100 screens across India.

Is Mission Mangal Going to Be a Flop or a Hit?

Mission Mangal has been a major hit at the box office and is considered one of the best movies of 2019. It reached its target within just 6 days of release and is now in a profitable position. This movie is a significant milestone for Akshay Kumar in 2019.

Mission Mangal Cast & Crew:

– Vidya Balan
– Anirban Bhattacharyya as Television Host
– Jhuma Biswas as Nithya Menon’s Mother-in-law
– Akshay Kumar
– Kirti Kulhari
– Sharman Joshi
– Taapsee Pannu
– Sonakshi Sinha

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