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There are several sites from which you can download movies and watch. However, these are sites that contain pirated films. Movieswood is one such website that allows users to download or live stream movies. Many people use these websites and enjoy them in their free time. All kinds of movies that hail from different regions of the world can be watched using these websites. If you want to know more about such websites, please continue reading our article.

Why Do People Gravitate Towards Such Websites?

Watching movies in the theatre is history now. With the pandemic pushing us to stay inside the four walls, there is no way to go out. Movies and favoUrite TV shows are watched through mobile phones and laptops instead. People find it easy to watch movies from the comfort of their homes rather than going to theatres. The cost of commuting to the theatre and time spent on transportation is completely eliminated. Many online streaming websites like Amazon, Hotstar, and Netflix are available if you want to seed films legally. However, you are required to pay for it. What if there is a cost-free way to watch and enjoy movies? This is what Movieswood promises its users exactly.

Watch the Latest Releases through Movieswood!

websites like Movieswood pirate films both recent and old. They upload the link for the films on their websites. People can go to the website and then click the download link of their favorite movie. The latest releases can be seen immediately on the website as they are quick in updating their site with new movies. However, if you have some old film in mind, then you can search for that too. The site will have a search bar where you can type in the name of the movie you want to watch. Also, you can see many categories available on the homepage for the viewer’s convenience.

Watch Hollywood, Bollywood, and Kollywood Films!

Many different movies are available to watch on the website. Bollywood films are people’s favorite and many tend to watch them. The site has hundreds of Hindi films that are famous. Also, Bhojpuri films, Telugu Films, and Tamil films are available in the website. The users can download them or enjoy them through live streaming. Also, many formats are available since even users with low network bandwidth might enjoy films. Apart from films, one can also watch TV shows that they like.

Be Aware while using Movieswood!

As we have mentioned earlier, the website Movieswood is a site. This means that the government has banned its operation. The reason behind this is that for a movie to be made a lot of money is spent. The director and the producer can make money only if the movie is watched in theatres. Also, the government will take a certain amount from the profit of the film as tax. It is a win-win situation for both the producer and the government. But sites release films even before they hit the theatre. This reduces the number of people going to the theatre and directly affects the profit made. People prefer watching a movie for free rather than paying an amount for it. Nowadays, the cost of tickets has skyrocketed pushing more people to visit sites.

Downloading Movies from Movieswood

Downloading from websites is an offense which when caught will be punished by the government. We certainly do not recommend such methods. However, if you are someone who cannot wait till the movie is released on legal platforms, there is a way. Using a VPN address will mask the user from expressing his identity. Thus if you want to watch films from websites like Movieswood, you should have a VPN address. Then you can go to the site and start downloading your favorite movie or TV show.

Various Domain Names of Movieswood!

The government has been trying to shut down these websites continuously over the course of many years. Despite all their efforts, websites still operate. This is made possible by changing the domain names of the pirated sites from time to time. Even this website also operates under different domain names like,

  • live
  • in
  • ae
  • net
  • we
  • site
  • download

A Final Word on Movies wood

To watch and download films from such pirated websites, we recommend you to stay away from them. Always watch movies in the legal way as it is intended to be. You will get punished if caught by the government committing the act. We in no way recommend such activities and the intention of this post is to give details on such activities. Hope you found our post helpful in giving you the information about the website!


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