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MP4Mania is a widely popular movie piracy site that allows users to watch the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu movies. It has become one of the top torrent sites globally, mainly because it offers the latest released movies in high-definition (HD) prints. Unlike other torrent websites, MP4Mania is known for uploading the latest Telugu, Tamil, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies before anyone else. Despite Google banning the site in India for uploading copyrighted content, users from other countries can still access MP4Mania. In this article, we will discuss how to access MP4Mania, the features of the MP4Mania app, the new links to the site, and how to download movies from MP4Mania.

Download The MP4Mania App
Make your browsing experience more convenient by using the MP4Mania app. This app ensures that users can comfortably watch or download movies. Unlike the website, the app doesn’t contain any pop-up ads, making it easier to download the latest movies using MP4Mania Apk. To download the MP4Mania app, simply click the Download button below.

Information Of MP4Mania APK
The MP4Mania app offers many features that differentiate it from the website. The app has a faster download speed compared to the website and doesn’t carry any pop-up ads, providing a more comfortable experience. Here are some key details about the MP4Mania APK:

– App Name: MP4Mania
– File Size: 14.5 MB
– Version: v3.0
– Requirement: Android 4.0 & Above
– Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam
– Last Updated: 1 Day Ago
– License: Free

MP4Mania New Links
MP4Mania has faced several blocks due to piracy issues, resulting in the creation of new domain names for the site. Here are some of the new links to MP4Mania:

– mp4hdmoviemania
– mp4mania1
– mp4
– mp4mania.net1
– mp4mania apk
– www.mp4mania.net1
– mp4mania.1net
– mp4mania. in

Accessing MP4Mania
As MP4Mania is an illegal video piracy site, it has faced many blocks in various countries, making it inaccessible. However, there is a way to access MP4Mania even if it is blocked. Here’s how to do it:

Method for Mobile:
1. Install a VPN app to change your location. We recommend using one of the VPN apps available for Android devices.
2. After installing the VPN app, open it and select the location as India. You can also check the IP address to ensure the change in location.
3. Once the IP address is changed, go to the official website of MP4Mania to gain full access and choose any movie to download.

Method for Desktop:
1. If you’re using a desktop, make sure you have the Chrome Browser installed. If not, install it.
2. Install a VPN extension, such as TunnelBear, on your Chrome Browser.
3. Connect to a location in India using the VPN extension. TunnelBear doesn’t require registration and is easy to use.
4. After connecting to the new IP, visit the official website of MP4Mania to access the site.

Download Movie From MP4Mania
It’s important to note that MP4Mania is a piracy site, and downloading pirated content is illegal. We recommend watching movies in cinemas or subscribing to legal streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or Hotstar Prime. However, if you still choose to download movies from MP4Mania, follow these steps:

1. Open MP4Mania in your browser, and you will see a list of latest uploaded movies.
2. Use the search bar on the homepage to search for the movie you want to download.
3. As these websites often have pop-up ads, you may encounter up to five pop-up ads. Close each one to proceed. You can also use an ad-blocker extension to block these ads.
4. Click on the movie thumbnail to start playing the movie. If you want to download it, click on the “Download” button. For faster downloads, you can use the “IDM” software on your computer.

10 Best Alternatives To MP4Mania
While MP4Mania is a popular movie downloading website, there are other alternatives that offer similar services. Here are the top 10 alternatives to MP4Mania:

1. Alternative 1
2. Alternative 2
3. Alternative 3
4. Alternative 4
5. Alternative 5
6. Alternative 6
7. Alternative 7
8. Alternative 8
9. Alternative 9
10. Alternative 10

Why MP4Mania Has Blocked In India?
MP4Mania has been blocked and removed from Google due to piracy issues and the governing law of India. However, there are still many other domain names associated with MP4Mania, such as MP4Mania.tamil,, and It is essential to avoid using torrent sites like MP4Mania and instead support legal platforms like cinemas and subscription-based streaming services.

Is It Safe To Use MP4Mania?
Using MP4Mania is not recommended as it is a piracy site and illegal in many countries, including the USA and India. Engaging in piracy by downloading or streaming copyrighted content is a crime. While individuals are rarely caught for downloading or streaming pirated movies, those caught distributing the stolen content online may face imprisonment or hefty fines.

MP4Mania FAQ
Here are some frequently asked questions about MP4Mania:

1. How to use MP4Mania without VPN?
While most VPN apps have slow servers and millions of downloads, you can use a proxy server as an alternative. A proxy server acts as a third-hand server that downloads the file and serves it to the user. Unfortunately, active proxy servers are currently unavailable.

2. Why is MP4Mania not opening?
Several countries block MP4Mania due to piracy issues. If you’re trying to access the site from a blocked country, you will see a blank page. However, users from allowed countries can access the site without any issues.

3. Why is MP4Mania popular?
MP4Mania has gained popularity due to its quick uploads of the latest movies. Many people prefer downloading movies from MP4Mania to avoid going to cinemas.

4. What is the estimated value of MP4Mania?
According to, MP4Mania has an estimated value of US$1,212, considering its high traffic and more than 15 thousand indexed pages on Google.

5. Why is it wrong to download pirated content from MP4Mania?
Downloading pirated content is illegal and supports copyright infringement. Engaging in such activities can lead to imprisonment or hefty fines.

6. Do I need to sign up for MP4Mania?
Unlike other movie downloading websites, MP4Mania doesn’t require any sign-up process. You can download movies from MP4Mania without signing up.

7. Does MP4Mania offer movie streaming?
While the official MP4Mania website offers movie streaming, similar websites may not have this feature. Movie streaming is a convenient way to save storage space and time.

8. How long does it take to download a movie from MP4Mania?
The download time depends on your internet connection speed. With a fast internet connection, you can download a movie in less than an hour. However, streaming movies could be a better option for slow internet connections.

Final Words About MP4Mania
MP4Mania is a popular movie downloading site offering the latest movies faster than other websites. However, it is essential to remember that downloading pirated content is illegal. It is recommended to support legal platforms and watch movies in cinemas or subscribe to streaming services instead.

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