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MX Player Web Series


Change in technology is constant. By chance, we refer to the development, innovation, and refinement in the field of technology. Earlier, there used to be stout, black and white mobile phones. If somebody told people (around the late 1990s) that one day there will be phones that would do be coloured, with cameras, will have touch screens, etc. well, they surely would have been mocked by many. Come the 2000s and the ‘Technological Revolution’ started taking place. People were bored of the old and monotonous piece of before-great gizmos. They wanted a newer piece of tech. As we know, human desires are limitless, thus, this is how the first smartphone was born. With the release of smartphones came operating systems, apps, games, etc. Since then, newer and newer phones/tablets are being launched and people are more than satisfied. Before colored phones had merely a 1-2” screen with merely 32-128 colours. Now, mobile phone screens have become a standard 5” (or 5.5”) and colors are in tens of millions.

With big screens, fast processors, good displays, and great sound outputs, people soon became obsessed with playing music and videos on their devices. Credits go to websites like YouTube which released their apps for these smartphones and your average 3.5-5.5” piece of tech became your source of visual/audio entertainment. By 2010, people had quite ample storage on their devices, and thus, they resorted to watching movies on their smartphones. Around 2011, a new video-player app took the Android community by storm. For some people, it was just their daily video player, while for some it was way more than that. Enter MX Player Web Series.
The app is one of the few apps that became a big hit on Android in just a few days of its release. When it was released, the entire Android fraternity was buzzing about this new app. There were news articles, people were Tweeting about it, and groups were being made on Facebook. All had one common topic, MX Player. The app was developed and released by J2 Interactive, a company about which not much is known, but their app, MX Player, is terrific!

Features of MX Player

MX Player Web Series is the highest rated video-player (for Android) on the internet. Since its release, it has been downloaded more than 5 million times. It is rated 4.4/5 on Google Play, and CNET has given it a full 5/5 rating. Some of the ravishing features of MX Player are-
It supports both hardware and software acceleration. Certain video formats are too easy on the system, so it uses certain software encoders/decoders to run it. Such videos are played via the software encoder; while some videos are quite bulky (E.g. 4K movies and videos, 2k movies and videos, etc.), and such videos are managed via hardware acceleration.
It has support for multi-core rendering, which ensures that devices that have more cores (CPU cores), their performance is better. Thus, it makes your video/movie watching experience even better.

A great number of aspect ratios are supported by MX Player Web Series. Apart from that, you can even pinch the video to room in or out.
The app is one of the very few video-player apps which support subtitles for videos. Thus, MX Player Web Series supports.SRT files. There are also options of customizing the position, size, color, font, opacity, etc. of the subtitles being displayed.
It is also a great app to keep your kids busy. Just load a kids-friendly video and perform a kids-lock which makes sure that your kid does not misuse your device.

How to install MX Player?

  1. Download the .APK file to a safe location.
  2. Go to Settings > Security Settings > Enable Installation from unknown sources.
  3. Using a file manager, access the saved file location and install the app.
  4. You can even create a home screen shortcut for the app and change the device’s default video-player permissions.
  5. Enjoy!



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