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Nikamma: A Blend of Action, Romance, and Comedy

Nikamma, directed by Sabbir Khan, is an action-packed Bollywood film that marks the debut of Abhimanyu Dasani as a hero. The movie offers a mix of serious action sequences and romantic scenes, targeting the youth audience with its comedy, drama, and romance. Despite receiving mixed reviews, the film has been released all over India. Let’s see how it performs at the box office.

Starring and Duration

The movie features Abhimanyu Dasani, Shirley Setia, and Samir Soni in prominent roles. It has an average score of 30% positive reviews and a duration of 2 hours and 32 minutes. Directed by Sabbir Khan, the film boasts music from renowned artists such as Amaal Mallik, Javed-Mohsin, Vipin Patwa, Gourov Dasgupta, and John Stewart. It is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

Review By BH Hars

BH Hars, in their review, mentions that the film gives the protagonist, Adi, a photographic memory, which initially seems intriguing but is inconsistently used throughout the movie. They highlight a particular scene on a cricket field that holds no relevance to the overall plot. The review gives the movie a rating of 1.5/5.

Review By Hindustan Times

Monika Rawal Kukreja, from Hindustan Times, criticizes the first half of the movie for being patchy and disjointed. They mention that the film unfolds two parallel and disconnected plots, testing the audience’s patience for its 2 hours and 30 minutes runtime. The review suggests that the movie ends with a headache. The film does not receive a rating in this review.

Review By The Indian Express

Shubhra Gupta, a critic from The Indian Express, points out that there is nothing new in the film, with every aspect feeling repetitive. They draw attention to Shilpa Shetty’s attempt to portray a badass character and the similarity between Abhimanyu Dasani’s performance and Salman Khan’s brattish hero roles. The review humorously mentions the absence of a shirtless scene. The film receives a low rating of 0.5/5.

Based on the reviews so far, it seems that the film fails to offer a fresh and engaging experience to the audience. The repetitive elements and disjointed storytelling contribute to its negative reception.

Lightyear Cast

  • Abhimanyu Dasani
  • Shirley Setia
  • Samir Soni
  • Mukesh Agrohari
  • Shaan Kakkar
  • Sammratt Kapoor
  • Naren Kumar
  • Rohit Kumar
  • Shyam Lal
  • Jay Parashar
  • Shilpa Shetty Kundra
  • Samar Shukla
  • Palak Singh

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Nikamma offers a combination of action, romance, and comedy, but unfortunately, it fails to impress the audience and critics alike. The repetitive nature of the film and its disjointed storytelling contribute to its negative reviews. However, it is essential to remember that every individual has different opinions, and we encourage readers to share their thoughts and discuss any discrepancies they find in our reviews. Thank you for reading!

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