Old VidMate : Download Old VidMate APK For Android 2023

The world of applications has been quite far to date, and so have the number of service providers. Regarding the best applications for downloading videos, Old VidMate is a name that brings up a lot of reliability and trustworthiness.

It is one of the best third-party application stores available in the marketplace that is well known for providing a wide range of free, premium, and hacked apps. The newer and updated version of the Vidmate apk is quite famous and the older one. The main reason many people still trust and opt for the older version of the Vidmate apk is its compatibility.

VidMate APK Old Version


The older version of the Vidmate Apk is compatible with many devices. It is a beautiful video downloader application that one can use effortlessly on smartphones. The application makes it easy for users to download any media from your gadget effortlessly. The best thing here is that the media included is not limited to video. Along with the videos, the tool is quite efficient for downloading music to your gadget drive.

Old Vidmate ensures users have faster downloading and browsing facilities and is currently working as one of the most suitable applications available on the internet. It is an attractive option for those looking forward to a platform to download their preferred videos and audio tracks effortlessly. The best thing is that it runs efficiently on most social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Vidmate Old Apk is a powerful tool that provides absolute download links that ensure users have a seamless user experience without any hassle. The device is absolutely virus free and provides all of its services for free. The tool runs efficiently over more than 1,000 websites and provides HD quality TV shows and movies.

Features of Old Vidmate Apk

Old Vidmate Apk is featured with a wide range of features such as:

  • It offers users accessibility over streaming and downloading videos from different online media sources such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and much more effortlessly.
  • Users are here absolutely free to download their favorite songs on their devices and can further share them with their friends.
  • The platform features a massive library from which users can easily opt for preferred categories such as sports, entertainment, news, gaming, and much more.
  • Users here are free to stream content in different formats without any hassle.
  • The platform provides millions of downloads all across the globe.
  • The tool comes up with a straightforward and intuitive interface that is relatively easy to navigate and doesn’t require any skills to operate.
  • The platform offers multilingual support, and that is one of the most prominent reasons that serve behind its success.
  • Old Vidmate Apk is designed to be free of advertisements. In simpler words, we can also say that one doesn’t need to worry about those annoying ads interrupting your streams.
  • The downloading and streaming speed of the videos here is quite good and ensures users have hassle-free access always.
  • The platform features a wide range of unique features such as video editing, downloading music, and playing online games through multiplayer modes.
  • Old Vidmate Apk is one of the leading video downloader tools for android that offers free accessibility to the users.
  • The platform offers convenient accessibility over more than 1000 sites globally.
  • All of the videos and audio tracks served at Old Vidmate Apk are of high-quality resolution.
  • The tool features a built-in player that makes it easier for the users to play and download videos without the help of a third-party player.
  • The platform features a vast library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries in well-managed categories.
  • Old Vidmate Apk doesn’t require any registration or subscription fees to go through. It is a perfect tool that enables free access to content offline and without ads.
  • The platform offers users the freedom of saving videos to their SD card or internal storage effortlessly.

Updates in Vidmate Apk 2023

The updates that make the VidMate Apk 2022 a perfect option for streaming and downloading videos are:

  • It offers users the freedom of downloading videos from different media sources such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and various others
  • The tool provides seamless video streaming with different resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, 2K, and 4K and HD videos, etc.
  • Users here can download videos in formats such as MP4, MP3, MAV, M4A, MOV, AVI< WMV, APK, Torrent files, Magnet Link, etc.
  • VidMate Apk 2022 also offers convenient video access over WIFI, 4G, 3G, and 2G cellular networks.
  • It offers the freedom to download YouTube playlists effortlessly.
  • One can easily download files here using torrents downloader as well.
  • It offers the freedom to play videos and music offline as well.
  • Users here can save downloaded files in a password-protected folder conveniently.


So, Guys! Hopefully, you will learn about the older version of the Old Vidmate Apk and the new updates done in the VidMate Apk 2023. It is a beautiful tool whose integration has made video streaming and downloading fun. It is a fantastic tool that offers not only high-end reliability to the users but offers free and convenient access to a wide range of videos and audio tracks as well.


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