Osmose Technology – Real Or Fake – Can you earn money from it?

About Osmose Technology


Name of the company Osmose Technology | Osmose technology Pvt Ltd | Osmose techno | Osmose technology private limited
Started in 24 December 2019
Registered YES
Company Location Office No. 4 D/E, S.No. 17/1 B P.No. 14, Devgiri Area, Kothrud Pune Pune Mh 411038
Real or fake Most of the people say it’s a scam
Website www.osmosetech.com
Facebook Osmose technology Facebook

Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd is a private firm founded on December 24, 2019. You would know that in the early stages, a new firm does not become renowned overnight, nor do people know, and this was also the situation with Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. The entrance of this website osmose technology in the eyes of the general public began in January.

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd’s owners are shubhangi splendor Patskr, while the company’s directors are Pacific Ramachandra Rundle and Vijay Babu Rao. Osmose Technology’s website used to sell health-related goods in its early phases of medicines and health-related remedies. At the same time, changes occur over time; beginning in January 2020, when introducing this website to the general public, many sorts of products in this website.

Osmose Technology Private Limited’s marketing website allows you to purchase shopping-related products; however, due to this website’s newness, not all sorts of items are available. However, based on our research findings, it will steadily enhance the availability of this website. It has employed Networking Marketing to expand its business swiftly, which is constantly being added to the ordinary people by this corporation. As a result, the Osmose Technology company’s products are reaching an increasing number of individuals.

For first-time account creators, register here: 

You must first create an account on this website.

How to Login in Osmose Technology?

Suppose you have installed Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. However, if you have already registered by making an account, you may quickly log in. Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. is required for this. Visit the osmosetech.com website. You may log in by clicking on it and entering your Member ID and Password. Following that, you will see the login option.

What is the mechanism of Osmose Technology?

It is a shopping website via which you may purchase things. However, for its public recognition, this firm has employed the networking approach. This firm compensates the individual who adds networking. The more networking a person conducts, the more money they receive. If you make a payment of Rs 1180 after opening your account, you will receive a shopping coupon of Rs 1200 in exchange, which implies that your invested Rs 1180 will be withdrawn instantly.

What are the benefits of using osmose technology?

  • This website offers an Rs.12 hundred coupon. It can find the products relating to home items and clothes.
  • Which may then be used to go shopping.
  • This website relies heavily on social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Varied users on social media have different perspectives on this website.

What is the primary function of Osome technology?

  • First and foremost, you will be assigned a sponsor ID upon logging in.
  • Please inform your friends about this firm and urge them to establish an account by investing 1180.
  • Keep in mind that you must provide your sponsor ID to others who wish to open an account when you establish the account. This will only help you.
  • You will be granted 20 per day once you open the account.
  • Assume you invited ten people to establish an account; just five of them should do so.
  • So will 25 to your osmose technology account every day.
  • This equates to a 20 by the corporation and a five by the people you added.
  • Now, if these five persons are joined by another five, you will have ten more because those five people will now receive two rupees apiece.
  • Previously, 25 were accessible every day; today, ten more will be added, totaling 35.
  • In this manner, if these individuals add another five people, you will begin to receive three from each person, for a total of 15. You will receive 50 every day from this account.
  • We may deduce that the more extensive the network we build or, the more individuals we link, the more money we generate.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the website?


  • It is online shopping and earning platform.
  • You may earn money by recruiting new members.
  • On the website, you may purchase basic things such as health products and clothing.
  • This website is also available on social media, where you can discover it by searching for Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews.


  • To begin, you must spend 1180 Rupees to join Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd.
  • Osmose Technology Private Limited does not offer any contact information such as a phone number or an email address.
  • People complain and say it is a fake organization since it asks for money to join.
  • Furthermore, there are some negative evaluations on various consumer forums on the internet.

Final Words

However, before investing money to join the firm, you should double-check because we understand that our time is more important than anything else. First and foremost, according to my research, this Osmose Technology is not on the list of legal direct selling firms. As it is, we cannot add new firms to this list rapidly. Maybe that’s why it’s not on this list, or perhaps it’s for another reason.


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