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Smartphones have become our daily drivers today. Earlier, people used to rely on different modes of technology for various works. Today, the scenario has changed. Smartphones, today, are your one-stop for entertainment, work, photography, and even buying/selling things. Nowadays, smartphones are equipped with great cameras, a feature which was not so good in the smartphones of the past. Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus are some of the phones which have an amazing primary shooter. But hardly do mobile photographers go with what their smartphone cameras click. A good photograph goes through levels of editing and post-processing. It is then that we say that the photo is good. The only problem with it is that people are very busy, and plugging your phone into your PC/laptop and copying the photo and then saving it, is a mammoth task. Well, have no fear because Google, again, is at your service now.

Snapseed For PC was launched on Android in December 2012. An app is a photo-editing tool developed by Nik Software, owned by Google. It is by far the best photo-editing tool for smartphones and tablets and has got a good review on prominent app stores like Google Play, iTunes, etc. Apart from that, from a survey by PC Magazine, Snapseed For PC ranked 10th among the Top 100 Best Apps for Android. Nik Software released Snapseed For PC 2.0 for Android in 2015, and again, the features blew everybody’s minds. The app became more professional, with plenty of photo-editing features, new filters, and a solemn interface (unlike the funky ones found on most of the photo-editors today).

Features of Snapseed-

Snapseed For PC provides some of the best photo-editing features one may find on an Android app. It has been tested by millions and their reviews speak no less. The interface is unfussy and easy to use and understand. Some of the prominent features of this app are-

When you open the app, you can tap anywhere on the screen in order to import an image.
If the imported image is a RAW file, you can do the post-processing like setting its exposure, adjusting the contrast and brightness, sharpening/softening the image, etc. After that, you can do all sorts of post-processing on your photo once it gets converted to JPG.

Snapseed For PC provides a lot of tools and filters (29 to be precise), which include healing tools, brushes, and strokes, white balance, structure and sharpness, color curves, etc.

It is capable of accessing both RAW images and JPG images.

It also provides you with a good cropping tool, which enables you to crop your photo according to your requirement.
You can set the image details or even auto-tune the image imported.
There is also a selective tool, which allows you to select a photo from up to eight points and then edit all those points accordingly.

You can also add text to the photo, with all kinds of fonts, font color, etc.

Apart from that, there is also an option of adding the blur (circular or radial) to your photo and add a bokeh-like effect to it.
Another new feature introduced to Snapseed For PC is the newly expanded feature. Expand allows you to expand the photo and increase its dimensions.

Finally, there is also a huge collection of filters to choose from, which allows you to add effects to your photo. E.g. The well-known HDR effect.

How to install Snapseed?

  • First, you need to download the . APK file online. Be sure to save it to a safe location on your device.
  • Then, go to Settings > Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Using a file manager tool, access the download location and tap on the . APK file for Snapseed For PC.
  • Tap on install.
  • Enjoy!


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