9Apps – Download 9Apps For Android & iPhone 2023



9Apps: is one of the most famous and trusted third-party android app stores which is been trusted by millions of its loyal users. Earlier, in around 2012, the company decided to launch two different applications, one as an app store, and the other one as a video game store, respectively. The application store was supposed to be launched as 9Apps, whereas the company decided to name the video game service/market as 9Games. Though in 2013, UCWeb – A Unit of Alibaba & CO. decided to drop the idea for a gaming services app, and they launched an app store, known as 9Apps Store which now holds more than 3 billion users in India and around 80 million users in Indonesia. This application is being used by users to download android apps for free. 9Apps store also lets you download android apps which are paid for on other android stores for free of cost completely. One great feature of this app store is that it even provides you an option to download apps that is not available on Google Play Store.

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