CPC Full Form – What is CPC, Full Form Meaning & More About it



Websites employ the cost per click is cpc full form for revenue model for online advertising to charge advertisers based on how frequently users click on display ads that are integrated into their websites. The most common substitute is the cost per mile (CPM) model, which bills for 1,000 display ad views or impressions regardless of whether a viewer clicks on the ad. Cost per click is a popular method used by advertisers when running a campaign on a daily budget.

The ad is immediately taken out of rotation on the website for the balance of the billing period after the advertiser’s budget is met. For instance, a website charging an advertisement $.10 per click would charge $100 for 1,000 click-through. The majority of publishers employ a third party to connect them with clients. The biggest of these is Google Ads, which operates on the Google AdSense platform.

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