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Smartphones have become our daily drivers today. Earlier, people used to rely on different modes of technology for various works. Today, the scenario has changed. Smartphones, today, are your one-stop for entertainment, work, photography, and even buying/selling things. Nowadays, smartphones are equipped with great cameras, a feature which was not so good in the smartphones of the past. Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus are some of the phones which have an amazing primary shooter. But hardly do mobile photographers go with what their smartphone cameras click. A good photograph goes through levels of editing and post-processing. It is then that we say that the photo is good. The only problem with it is that people are very busy, and plugging your phone into your PC/laptop and copying the photo and then saving it, is a mammoth task. Well, have no fear because Google, again, is at your service now.

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