Critics Review of Tandav Web Series: A Must-Watch Online Film

Tandav: A Political Drama Thriller

The web series Tandav, released on January 15, 2021, falls under the genres of Drama and Thriller. It has received an average score of 60% positive based on reviews. Let’s take a look at what critics have to say about this series.

Filmcompanion Review

Renowned film critic Anupama Chopra gives her thoughts on Tandav. She highlights the portrayal of politics in the series, stating how director Ali and DOP Karol Stadnik present it with a glossy sheen. Despite the dark themes, nothing looks grimy, not even the portrayal of murder. The luxurious lifestyle of the characters is emphasized, with lavish scenes featuring gleaming whisky glasses, grilling meat on expansive lawns, and an attractive pool scene between Saif Ali Khan and Sarah Jane Dias. Visit Filmcompanion for more information.

Rediff Review

Sukanya, a critic from Rediff, shares her views on Tandav. She highlights the performances of Saif Ali Khan alongside Gauahar Khan and Shonali Nagrani, who play sharp and sassy ladies in the series. These strong female characters chart their own course in the world of politics. Read the full review on Rediff.

NDTV Review

NDTV’s critic, Saibal, dives into the series and expresses his thoughts. He mentions the intensified power struggle in the plot, where the character Samar tries to influence Shiva, a leftist, to gain control over the VNU campus. He enlists the help of Jigar Sampath, a former classmate and current professor. Visit NDTV for a detailed review.

News18 Review

Rohit from News18 shares his opinion on Tandav. He commends Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of a negative character, stating that he seems more genuine in such roles. Rohit also acknowledges Saif’s continuous growth as an actor, experimenting more than his contemporaries. For more information, check out the review on News18.

Tandav Run Time

The run time of Tandav is not specified in the available information.

Release Date of Tandav

Tandav was released on January 15, 2021.

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