Watch Hollywood Movies Online: Upcoming Releases in India for 2019 and 2020

List of Upcoming Hollywood Movies 2019-2020

Here is a comprehensive list of upcoming Hollywood movies for 2019 and 2020. This list has been carefully researched and all the information provided is accurate. In case of any mistakes, we will make sure to resolve them as soon as possible.

Upcoming Movies and Release Dates

Angry Birds 2 6.5 Crore August 23, 2019
Angel Has Fallen 8 Crore August 23, 2019
Crawl 6.5 Crore August 23, 2019
47 Meters Down: Uncaged 1.2 crores August 30, 2019
Rambo: Last Blood N/A September 20, 2019
It Chapter Two N/A September 6, 2019
21 Bridges N/A September 27, 2019
Abominable N/A September 27, 2019
Gemini Man N/A October 11, 2019
Midway 10 Crore November 8, 2019
Frozen 2 N/A November 22, 2019
Charlie’s Angels 9.3 Crore November 15, 2019
The Good Liar N/A November 29, 2019
Eternals N/A Nov 6, 2020
Black Widow N/A May 1, 2020

In 2019, we have witnessed several blockbuster Hollywood movies. However, there are still many movies waiting to release their trailers and capture the audience’s attention. This article provides you with a complete list of upcoming Hollywood movies for 2019 and 2020.

Now, the question arises, can the movies of 2020 surpass the box office records of 2019? The answer is yes. The directors and producers of Hollywood are investing more and more money to create high-quality films, which increases the chances of surpassing the success of 2019 movies, including the record-breaking Avengers Endgame. Let’s take a look at the movies scheduled to release this month and week.

  • This list only includes information about Hollywood movies and does not include any Bollywood movies.
  • The list provides details of movie budgets, box office collections in India, and worldwide box office collections for upcoming Hollywood movies in 2019 and 2020.
  • Please note that the information provided in this content is not specific and may be subject to updates for various reasons. If you want to know more about the highest-grossing Hollywood movies, please check out our menu pages for more information.
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