VidMate Old APK : Download & Install VidMate Old APK 2021

Willing to enjoy the world of unlimited movies and TV shows? If you are about to say yes to this query, VidMate Old APK is an attractive option we advise you to have on.  Movie streaming has become a common practice these days. Most people prefer watching their favorite content online rather than using traditional resources. A vast range of people try to download their favorite content to watch later offline. But due to security issues, this is not possible. Google imposes different restrictions on such actions and can also impose heavy fines for breaching privacy rules.

VidMate APK Old Version


Vidmate is one of the leading and most trustable third-party applications that offer users a wide range of premium, accessible, and hacked apps. It is one of the most trusted and reliable tools in the marketplace that serves its services for free.

Despite having a lot of premium and additional features in the newer versions, a wide range of people still prefer opting for the older version of the VidMate Old APK. Do you know the reason why?

Well, it is due to compatibility issues.

A large number of devices available in the marketplace still don’t support the new version of the Vidmate Apk, which is the main reason why the older one is in great demand. VidMate Old APK is one of the most beautiful downloader applications running smoothly on most smartphones. The tool offers excellent ease of usability over effortlessly downloading any media on their gadget. One doesn’t need to limit their streaming or downloading here. The device provides unlimited access to the press coming from different resources.

VidMate Old APK is well known for its fast downloading and browsing facilities. It is one of the most suitable video downloader options on the internet. It takes only a few seconds to download the preferred videos and audio tracks effortlessly on one’s device. The tool is designed to keep safe from viruses and malware infections and conveniently provides HD-quality streaming and downloading.

Features of Vidmate Old Apk

VidMate Old APK is a features-loaded application that takes you on a tour of unlimited streaming and downloading. It is a third-party application that is well known for its convenience and affordability. The main features that this tool serves to its users are:

  • Users here are free to enjoy unlimited content from different media resources, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • It offers endless accessibility over audio tracks as well. Users can easily download the content on their gadgets, further check it offline, and even share it with their friends.
  • The library included is vast and includes different categories in it.
  • It offers content downloading in different formats.
  • The interface is intuitive and interactive and can be easily navigated without experience.
  • The included content is available in multiple languages, making it one of the preferable choices.
  • The tool doesn’t include any annoying advertisements.
  • The downloading and streaming speed this tool offers is fantastic.
  • Users here can easily enjoy premium features like video editing, online gaming, music downloads, and much more.
  • The content served here is free.
  • VidMate Old APK provides seamless accessibility over more than 1000 sites globally.
  • Vidmate is well known for serving high-quality videos and tracks to users.
  • A built-in player is integrated into the Vidmate apk that ensures seamless video and audio playing and downloading.
  • The library included in VidMate Old APK is quite vast and well-categorized.
  • One doesn’t need to undergo any registration process to enjoy seamless services.
  • Users can easily save their preferable videos to their SD cards or internal storage at their convenience.

Updates in Vidmate Apk 2022

The newer version of the Vidmate Apk features premium and advanced features that make it a better option to pick. If you are eager to know about these updates, here are your leading choices.

  • It ensures unlimited downloading of video content from different media resources.
  • It ensures users to have high quality and preferable video resolution. Users can pick up from 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and HD as per availability.
  • It provides easy accessibility of the videos in different file formats.
  • This updated version’s downloading and streaming speed is much better than that of the previous one. Users can easily enable access over WiFi, 4G, 3G, and 2G cellular networks.
  • Users can opt to download YouTube playlists conveniently.
  • Users are free to play and download videos and music offline.
  • The files downloaded can be easily protected in a password-protected folder.


VidMate Old APK is a beautiful tool for enjoying the seamless download of the preferable content. It is a tool that provides users with a free and quality experience. The device is designed to be robust and safe and doesn’t impose any charges for streaming and downloading. The best thing about this tool is that it offers you accessibility over unlimited premium and hacked apps, and that too without imposing any charges on you.

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