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The official build process of the VIDMATE APK can be found in the Google play store and it can easily accept the features of the application. Moreover, it is 100% secure and does not create any risk factors for your android device. Apart from the old version it is even easy to find the latest version and can able to download here. The old and the latest version of VidMate Old Version Download will all be clear and fresh from which it can be easily get updated. The old version of the application is also easy to find and the process will also be simple. It is easier to get updated on your android device.

VidMate Old Version

VidMate old Version

This app will be running stably and more on your mobile. Especially in the old version, this app doesn’t consume much of the storage in your device. The stable builds of the app will consume the supporting features as well the Vidmate app will be cleared without any issues.  But due to some issues, this recently many of these app users have complained that this app provides some advertisement issues. So the users need to feel their comfort zone from using the app.

Compared features between the old version and the new version

Both the old and the new versions have got unique features in common. Both also got the same kind of specific app advantages that can be utilised by the video downloader. The app is completely hidden from the free of charge and in case the application might be paywalls due to its free for all its lifetime free users.

It is available only in APK files and has a standard format for the Android device users in safety and getting into malware functions from using it. There are tons and tons of supports for this app over the world from the millions of people from the internet store. Over 1000 websites will be downloaded from the file called “Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo”.  Many others would like to like to listen to music and make travel “videos, V logs, make professional clips, amateur and movies”.

This application gets downloaded a number of times per day. This has no limit to downloading this app. All the quality and speed are the best features of this app, that’s why people love using this app. This app is literally user-friendly and easy to access all the options provided in it.

Merits of this application

  • The old version of this application is too small in size and consumption of RAM will also be less.
  • If you are an Android mobile user better to select the old version of this app instead of the new version.
  • Many low-memory Android mobiles do not accept the support of the VIDMate old version application.
  • The speed and quality of the app will be best and will not consume much of the storage in your mobile.
  • It’s always best to choose the old version for many specific reasons to prevent your mobile from getting errors often.

Demerits of this application

  • Since the old version features are good people find difficulties in using the new versions
  • Even though the old version is proffered by many people but still the app is slow and lagging in some of its features.
  • Sometimes people complain about getting advertisements which cannot be skipped.
  • The new version takes more storage in your android device and makes errors often.
  • If your Apple user you cannot use any of this VIDMATE application and cannot download any old or new version of this application in your iPhone.

Few guiding methods of using this VidMate Old Version

Users can be allowed to choose the quality before downloading the app and can obtain the best quality of videos or movies that you have been downloading. All modern resolutions will be available and all video types and formats can be accepted. It can be like “4K – 2160p, 2K – 1440p, HD – 720p and Full HD – 1080p” and others too. Even the original quality has the best resolution of pixels that can get you the video in the same quality like 3840*2160 as well.

The app is installed despite gets updated from the older version to the new version can be changed. The format of the new version will be more interesting and helps you out with the best choice of a website update. This version probably won’t get any errors to the application or the android device often. There will also be an option to avoid the advertisement in between while using this application.

A major update will be provided in this version and gives the original way to access the site and the new VidMate Old Version Download in a convenient way. All internet content will literally give the best websites that provide the best phone memory and the best old one will be filled out from this site. Every video will be played in good quality and can easily transfer to the smartphone.


The old version of VidMate app had some features that were useful for users, such as the ability to download videos from various platforms and convert them to different formats. However, the app also had some issues, such as security vulnerabilities and potential risks of downloading copyrighted content.

Moreover, as technology advances, older versions of apps may not be supported by newer devices and operating systems, which can lead to compatibility issues and potentially compromise the user’s device security.

VidMate old version

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