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WBRegistration: Every person needs to own a property for them and make their assets. For property exchanges occurring in West Bengal, the property purchaser needs to pay stamp obligation and enrolment charges pertinent to the offer of the property toward the West Bengal Property and Land Registration Department.

A piece of this property report enrolment process in WBRegistration and different urban communities of West Bengal should be possible on the web. It incorporates accommodation of character confirmations, property subtleties, and planning of the e-deed. Here is a bit-by-bit manual for property enrolment in West Bengal and insights regarding the reports expected for this interaction.

Why do we make the Property Registration // WBRegistration ?

  • The following advantages are referenced beneath for the enlistment of property.
  • To give a convincing assurance of the validity of the archive.
  • To bear the cost of exposure to exchanges.
  • To guarantee anticipation of cheats, preservation of proof, the move of title to the proprietor.
  • To keep an up to day openly available report by enlisting a property.
  • To bear the cost of the office of deciding if a property has effectively been sold with and
  • To bear the cost of the safety of title deeds and office of demonstrating titles if the first deeds are lost or annihilated.

How to get ready and submit e-Deed?

  1. Now, return to the landing page and snap ‘e-Registration of Deed’ and snap ‘Arrangement and accommodation of e-Deed.’
  2. Click ‘Read and proceed’ and notice the inquiry number produced in Step 10.
  3. Fill in the imperative data, for example, history of proprietorship, agreements of procurement, which can be chosen from the current circumstances, or alter it appropriately. Notice the limit subtleties, depiction of the land, normal region, recorder subtleties, a notice of thought, witness subtleties, and take a printout of the photograph and the 10-finger impression sheet, which must transfer after definite accommodation of the draft deed and before going to the sub-enlistment center’s office.
  4. Check the draft deed completely and submit it for endorsement from the division. The candidate will get an SMS when the draft e-Deed is supported/dismissed, which as a rule, occurs within 24 hours of utilisation.
  5. If the e-Deed is supported, the candidate must make the stamp obligation and enlistment expense instalment.

WBRegistration // How to execute the e-Deed?

Execute the e-Deed by virtually endorsing utilizing your Aadhaar card. An OTP will ship off you on the mobile number connected with the Aadhaar card. All you need is to take the Aadhaar card and the execution of the sheet to make the framework. It shows the complete sub-recorder office from the present printout. After executing it, present the e-Deed for show and produce the affirmation endorsement as a badge of effective accommodation.

WBRegistration : From here on, no adjustment will be permitted in the deal deed. After conclusive accommodation, transfer the TI sheet by joining your self-bore witness to the photo and fingerprints of the executants. The connection is under the ‘e-Registration of Deed’ choice. This sheet should transfer before you continue to the sub-recorder’s office.

Different ways to follow the SRO Office 

You need to take with the SRO office the records and the presenting the records. Take every one of the first records, alongside the validated copies. It requires the finger impression, and the mark will get caught where the e-Deed is mentioned before. Once the application is confirmed, your deed will be conveyed, carefully endorsed by the enlistment center’s office.

How to get a confirmed duplicate of a deed?

  • Landowners can now look and download the guaranteed duplicates of deeds on the web by following these means.
  • Visit the E-locale entry and register yourself for resident administrations. Whenever you have enrolled, log in again to get to your record.
  • There is administrative access for the rundown on the application and the service to make the court services.
  • It pays from the service, and press the apply button to process it. Select the ‘Application for a confirmed duplicate of deed’ radio button and click on ‘Next.’
  • Fill in the necessary subtleties, for example, region, enrolment office, year of enlistment, enrolment number, and so forth, to look through the enrolled deed.
  • Fill in the candidate’s subtleties and make the instalment as required. Print the affirmation slip and help duplicate the confirmed deed through AIN.

How to process the registration in Online

  1. Visit the official website for WBRegistration in the web browser.
  2. Check on thee-requisition for filling up on the form, which is located on the browser’s home screen.
  3. After this step, click on the read and proceed option, located below on the screen, and look at the e-form page.
  4. Then start filling up the form with the required details and click on the next steps that are mostly required.
  5. Ensure all the credentials with the original details and then the application form requiring the details.
  6. Complete the form and click on the submit option, which requires the page prompts from the essential techniques that mostly require the online registering system.
  7. After these steps, you have to process the fees details for the online form and peruse it.


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