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Back in 2009, the term Instant Messaging had started to take over the internet as a sensation. People were changing their lifestyles and resorting to methods more convenient than texting or calling. That’s when Instant Messaging rose to power, and till today, it is regarded as the best instant messenger for any operating system. Yes, the world-famous, WhatsApp messenger. It was founded by two former Yahoo! employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, as an answer to the ongoing messenger battle. Well, the rest is history, and today, more than 800 million people are on WhatsApp. And the icing to the cake is that it is entirely free!

WhatsApp DP was launched in 2009 as an answer to the ongoing social-media competition back then. Developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both ex-employees of Yahoo!, the app became an instant success. The app was released for Android, iOS, for Symbian OS as well. The app was released on Windows Phone soon after its Android release and the users were more than delighted. WhatsApp is ranked as the number one instant messenger, on different app stores/markets. The messenger was such a big hit that in February 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the only instant messenger which comes equipped with end-to-end encryption, which means that messages sent/received are secured and cannot be traced by any government agency, hacker, etc.

Features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp DP is loaded with plenty of features that make it stand out in the pool of instant messaging. Some of the well-known features are-

  • The interface is user-friendly and does not require much effort in order to understand. The signature dark greenish interface with the white background looks decent. Probably one of the best features is that the ‘account’ is synced with your contact number. So no need to spend that extra time configuring the app.
  • Another feature that is liked by many is voice notes. It’s analogous to a walkie-talkie which is operated over the internet. Just press the buzzer to record your voice message and release it to send.
  • After being acquired by Facebook, the app (which earlier had a subscription fee after 1 year of usage) became absolutely free of cost, thus making more and more people switch to WhatsApp.
    In 2016, the company introduced voice calling (over the internet) and users were very happy. Now, they could even make free voice calls without spending even a penny. Recently, they even introduced video calling. So, voice and video call for free.

What else do we need?

Apart from all that, the app allows you to set a profile picture, send photos, videos, audio, and location, and yes, it even allows you to upload stories now! No need for Snapchat anymore because WhatsApp allows you to send messages and upload stories, both!

WhatsApp has taken over the internet like wildfire. From the day it was released till today, it is regarded as the best instant messaging app on the internet. So, for those of you who still have not tried it yet, now is the time. Download WhatsApp on your Android device and experience the app to the fullest.

How to install WhatsApp?

First, you will have to download the .APK file (executable setup file for Android) online. Then, follow the following steps-
Save the .APK file at a secure location on your device.
Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. To do that, go to Settings -> Security Settings -> There, do the aforementioned task.
Then using a File Manager access the saved file location.
Click on it to begin the installation. Once it is installed, you can even create a home-screen shortcut.


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