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People occasionally ponder whether whats app web is just another unauthorized WhatsApp. Or is using it safely?| Let me impart some knowledge to all of you. On January 21, 2015, WhatsApp Web was the official desktop client for Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones. However, the business later made it available to Nokia and iOS customers. You can now use your computer or laptop to use WhatsApp Messenger. 

What does WhatsApp Web do?

In 2015, WhatsApp released a web-friendly variant of its platform. Users have the choice to use the messaging service on their PC with the aid of WhatsApp Web. Nearly all of the functions available on the smartphone app are provided in this web version. Although WhatsApp online does not offer video or voice calls. Your experience with the app is improved by several features found on the web version.

WhatsApp recently announced the Dark Theme for its desktop and web applications. These functionalities were previously exclusive to mobile apps. Thanks to this feature, users won’t need to employ any tricks from now on to enjoy the dark mode.

Essentials for WhatsApp Web:

For direct use of WhatsApp Web on a browser, you need:

  • An iPhone or an Android with a functional rear camera.
  • a PC or laptop with any current web browser, such as Google Chrome.
  • A functioning internet connection on your PC.
  • The most recent and updated WhatsApp version.

To use the Whatsapp web app:

  • The Whatsapp web application
  • An iPhone or an Android with a functional rear camera.
  • A functioning internet connection on your PC.
  • The most recent upgrade to WhatsApp.

To use WhatsApp Web in Opera, you need:

  • A laptop or desktop computer running the most recent version of Opera for PCs.
  • An iPhone or an Android with a functional rear camera.
  • A working internet connection on your PC and phone.
  • The most recent upgrade to WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp on the web?

  1. On your PC, launch any web browser and go to www.whatsapp.com
  2. Afterward, launch WhatsApp on your phone and click the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Select WhatsApp Web, then click “Link a Device.”
  4. After completing the biometric or PIN authentication step, scan the QR code that appears on the web browser.
  5. Your WhatsApp account has now been checked and connected to WhatsApp Web. All of your WhatsApp account’s messages are now accessible. Using WhatsApp Web, you may even participate in and initiate WhatsApp calls.

Please be aware that you can now access Whatsapp web without a smartphone internet connection.

Whatsapp Web security

Yes. WhatsApp web also uses end-to-end encryption for all its messages, much like WhatsApp. Additionally, WhatsApp web only maintains a temporary connection to WhatsApp on your phone, which ends when you log out or after some time. In WhatsApp for Android, you can view any WhatsApp Web connection and disconnect from it.

Using WhatsApp Web, how can I attach files?

You can choose the file you want to transmit by clicking the paper-clip icon. You can copy and paste an image into the message section if you wish to send one from a website. Because WhatsApp is incorporated into the sidebar of the Opera browser, doing this is the simplest option.

Which file types are supported by WhatsApp Web?

You can send documents, videos, and images (up to 16MB) (up to 100MB each).

What is the largest file size I can transmit over WhatsApp Web?

Document attachments via WhatsApp Web are limited to 100MB, while photo and video files are limited to 16MB. Note: The 100MB limit might be used if you attach your movie or photo as a document.

Can I use multiple browsers or devices to access WhatsApp web simultaneously?

No. All previous connections will be instantly severed when you sign into WhatsApp Web on a different device or browser.

How long is the WhatsApp Web connection maintained?

After 30 minutes of inactivity, WhatsApp web will log you out automatically. When you sign into WhatsApp Web, you can select the “keep me signed in” checkbox next to the QR code. As long as WhatsApp is connected to your phone, you will continue to be connected.

What is WhatsApp Web’s logout procedure?

  1. Select Log out from the menu by clicking the three-dot icon on WhatsApp Web.
  2. On your phone’s WhatsApp: Select WhatsApp Web from the menu by clicking the three-dot icon.
  3. You can view a list of the computers and web browsers you’ve previously used to log in there. 
  4. You have two options for logging out: tap on an active connection or click Log out from all devices at the bottom.

How to know if someone is using WhatsApp Web to access my account?

If your account is used for a new WhatsApp Web connection, you will be notified by text message on your phone. 

To see any existing or previous relationships, though:

  1. On your phone, launch WhatsApp.
  2. When the three dots appear, tap WhatsApp Web.
  3. A list of your recent and current connections will be displayed.
  4. You have two options for logging out: tap on an active link or click Log out from all devices at the bottom. Do as per your wish.

How can I alter the media download settings so that not all images and videos emailed to me are downloaded instantly?

  1. On your phone, launch WhatsApp.
  2. Select Settings by tapping the icon with three vertical dots.
  3. Utilization of data and storage.
  4. Modify the Media auto-download settings. You can change the settings if you want to use mobile data, Wi-Fi, or roaming.


Whatsapp web is an officially encrypted app that doesn’t need to be downloaded. This allows you to utilize WhatsApp Messenger on a web browser. The user can also send and receive messages directly from their browser.

The most recent web browsers allow you to utilize WhatsApp Web, and WhatsApp should already be connected to your mobile number. There is no opportunity to sign up or log in. It is, in essence, a browser-based version of Messenger that enables connections through a laptop or desktop. Your mobile data won’t be required if you are using WhatsApp on a computer. Even if you disable mobile data in recent versions, WhatsApp’s web connection won’t be broken.

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