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We may be divided by nations, continents, or even religion, but one thing which unites us all is music. Music has always been there since times immemorial and is regarded as a mode of spreading peace, unity, and harmony. Music has no boundaries, it is like air, and flows freely in its own tune. Music knows no gender, it knows no race. It is that one thing that is perceived by the ears and touches the heart. In today’s world, we have seen a subsequent rise in the number of smartphone users. It is quite obvious that the users would listen to music, but not everybody is willing to buy tracks/albums. It is here when Wynk Music comes in and changes everything.

About Wynk-



Wynk Limited is a group which is owned by Bharti Airtel. It is a subsidiary of Airtel, which is operated by the telecom giant as well. It has launched three apps to date, namely-

Wynk Music in 2014
Wynk Games and Wynk Movies in 2015.

Since then, it has become a successful subsidiary in the Indian market. Wynk Music came in as a savior (especially for the Airtel customers). Around 2014, the Indian telecom market had seen quite a rise in sales. With the introduction to 4G, there were many people with smartphones (and internet access, obviously). From buying tickets to houses, almost every activity was being done online via smartphones. This is when Wynk Music comes in.
Wynk MusicWynk Music came in as a delight to music lovers. Everywhere there were advertisements claiming that they could listen to music for free on their smartphones. People went gaga over it. The app was a big success due to its ease of access, a vast collection of songs, and a signature red Airtel-like interface. Since its release, Wynk Music has been downloaded over 5 million times, whereas over 100 million tracks have been played on it. That said, there are plenty of in-app features that easily put other prominent music apps to shame.

Features Of Wynk Music

When it comes to features, Wynk Music smoothly steals the spotlight. Be its vibrant red interface or a huge collection of great music, it easily stands out in the pool of music apps and websites. Some of the features of Wynk Music are-
Wynk has over 2 million Indian and international music in its catalog, which are stored in albums, as individual tracks, or even as playlists.

There are playlists defined (and maintained) as per the needs (and mood) of the people. So, songs are well sorted into these groups (genres) and thus accessing them becomes quite easy.
The app has ‘Trending’, ‘About to Release’ and ‘Newly Released’ columns where users can find the trending songs and latest music.

There is no need to sign-up, so just install the app and start listening to music straight away.
Probably one of the best features of the app is that it even allows you to download offline music and stream it afterward. So, even if you don’t have internet access, simply listen to your favorite downloaded tracks.

How to install Wynk Music?

  • Once you have downloaded the .APK file, follow these steps to install the app on your Android device-
  • Save it .APK file to a safe and secure location on your device.
  • Go to Settings > Security Settings.
  • There, you need to enable (check) Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • After that, using a File Manager access the location where you have downloaded the .APK file for Wynk Music.
  • Install it.
  • Enjoy!Note- You may even create a home-screen shortcut for the app.


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