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When it comes to sharing files, photos, or videos between mobile phones (and tablets), not many options come to one’s mind. You may either try sharing your files via Bluetooth or NFC, both of which are good options and have been relied upon for a long time now. USB sharing too is a good option, but it is quite hefty a task than it sounds like. Agreed; but, have you ever felt like both of the aforementioned wireless options becoming quite prolonged when the amount of files (or the size, or both) increases? Well, this is the harsh reality behind these well-known file-sharing apps. So, is there an alternative to that? What if we want to share a number of files wirelessly and it should be done quickly? Is there any option available?
Relax, because Xender APK has got you covered.

Xender APK (pronounced as Sender/Zender) is a mobile application (for smartphones, tablets, etc.) that connects two or more smart devices wirelessly to enable easy and quick file or media sharing. It was developed by S. S. Chandra, Lokesh Narwani, and Tingu Urf Tikiya under the company Amobi. inc (team). Today, it is available for four operating systems, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Tizen. The original version of the app (named Shan Chuan) was released in China, in 2012; and in 2013, the app was re-released as Xender APK. Today, the app supports 22 languages and is one of the highest-grossing media-sharing apps in the market (especially for Android devices).

Features of Xender-

When it comes to features, Xender APK is packed adequately. The app has been downloaded more than 200 million times since its release in 2013. Apart from that, it has even managed to grab the attention of some of the well-known critics and tech weeklies. On the good part though, they have been impressed a lot by Xender and have given it a good review. Thanks to its simplistic design and ease of access, it became an overnight success. Today, more than 100 million of the Android fraternity rely on Xender for media sharing, file sharing, etc.

Some of the features of Xender are-

The first and foremost feature of this app is its small size. Unlike other file-sharing apps, this one is not more than 8MB in size. Thus, it won’t take much of the storage space on your device. The app makes use of Wi-Fi Direct. This explains the reason behind its high-speed transfers, which are lossless. So, no need to worry about any ‘leakages’ amidst file-sharing. Also, your data is completely safe. You can create backups of all your personal data (on your old device) and share it once you install Xender APK to your new device.

It helps you backup your contacts, text messages, photos, videos, audio, and apps.
Remotely accessing PCs is also a great option that Xender APK provides you with. Just install Weine (developed by the Xender team) on your Windows-powered PC and access it remotely via the Android app.
Shake is another cool feature that the app offers. It allows users to select a file and simply shake their device to start the sharing process.
If you wish to share files with more than one user, use the ‘Group’ option. Xender APK supports up to five devices at a time. Thus, group sharing is easy.

How to install Xender?

Note – Following steps are for Android 4.0.1 and above.

Download the .APK file to a safe location on your Android device.
Go to your device’s settings. Then go to Security Settings.
Enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
Using a file manager open the download location and start the installation.
Once it has been installed, you can also create a home-screen shortcut for quicker access.


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