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The list and comparison of the top tools for converting YouTube videos to MP3 can be found below. You may convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio format using a platform called YouTube to Mp3 Converter. Simply entering the YouTube video URL and pressing the convert button will convert the selected video. You can obtain the MP3 file by following a few easy steps.

The majority of the tools also offer conversion between different formats. These tools can be utilized from your browser and are simple to use.

The YouTube app does not permit playing music from sources other than the app. Thus it will be more practical to convert the video to Mp3 format and save it.

Compared to other websites, YouTube has a larger selection of musical works. According to Brandwatch research, music videos will make up 93% of the most-watched YouTube videos until January 2020. 55% of consumers, according to a study by Musically, routinely view music videos on YouTube.

Criteria to select the best converter

When selecting a YouTube to Mp3 converter, take into account things like the tool’s capacity to convert videos quickly, batch downloading options, security requirements, user-friendliness, and price.

Gathering your needs, such as the number of films that need to be converted, is the first step.

The online tool is a fantastic choice if it only needs to be completed once or twice; alternatively, you might consider installing a desktop application.


The following are precautions to be observed when utilizing a free YouTube to MP3 Converter:

  • Always download the tool from the official website.
  • It is advised to run a reliable antivirus program scan on the download.
  • Take care when entering personal information into the forms.
  • Few programs allow you to search for videos right from the tool. It will help if you use caution with this feature, as some tools may download videos violating the law.
  • After downloading the tool, check your PC to see whether it starts acting strangely. In these cases, you ought to entirely uninstall the device.
  • Read user evaluations of the tool. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the tools, which will aid in your tool selection.

Online Converter Vs. Desktop Converter

Choosing a YouTube to MP3 converter depends on your needs. There are desktop and online converters. Online tools will be suitable for first-time users, as previously said. Additionally, it doesn’t need to be installed, so it doesn’t take up any space on your PC.

Since desktop apps don’t handle data on a distant server, they are faster than online solutions. A few programs can simultaneously convert several YouTube videos to MP3 format.

Additionally, there is a risk of virus attack when utilizing the web tool. Therefore, you should use caution when selecting the instrument.

Compatibility of Devices with YouTube to MP3 Converters

You can download the file once the online application has converted it. Several internet programs restrict the ability to download these converted files. For instance, due to browser compatibility concerns, YouTubetoMP3 may not let you download the file on iOS devices. Several tools also provide apps for Android and iOS devices so that you can use these tools on tablets and smartphones.

Desktop applications are commonly available on Windows systems. For example, consider aTube Catcher.

Advantages of YouTube to Mp3 Converters

While there are many music programs on the market, including Spotify and Amazon Music, most YouTube to Mp3 converters is available for free. Also, Compared to other websites, YouTube has a larger selection of musical works. Although there are some free music apps, most people still choose to search for music videos on YouTube and convert them to Mp3.

The conversion of the music file to an MP3 only needs to be done once, after which you can use and retain the MP3 file indefinitely. The converted file can be played on any MP3-capable device without an online connection. These tools will also assist you in removing the desired segment from videos so that you may use it in creating a ringtone.

People use YouTube to MP3 converters due to their capabilities and advantages.

List of Convertors

There are several excellent free options for YouTube to MP3 converters available online. While some restrict the number of clips you can perform, they offer quick returns. Some also include advertisements, but since you don’t pay for them, they must find another way to make money.


  1. YtMP3 Video Converter
  3. YouTube to MP3 Converter 
  4. WinX Video Converter 
  6. MP3Studio 
  7. NotMP3 
  8. Converto 
  9. 320YouTube 
  10. Any Video Converter Free 
  11. Wondershare UniConverter 
  12. 8K Video Downloader
  13. Freemake 
  14. 4К Download 
  15. DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 
  16. aTube Catcher 

The legality of these converters

YouTube to MP3 converters operates somewhat in the shadows. You won’t be able to use language or music from one video or set in another if you take them. However, it’s acceptable to take something in the public domain occasionally.

Since the majority of the content on the website is protected by copyright, downloading YouTube music to MP3 is generally prohibited. However, parody law, or failing to monetize the content, gives you some latitude. Ask a lawyer if you’re unsure.


There are many YouTube to MP3 converters on the market, so picking one is challenging. You can adhere to our recommendations and safety measures when choosing the tool.

Audio quality, user-friendliness, security standards, and speed should be considered when selecting a YouTube to MP3 converter.

All above mentioned are cost-free tools. Both 4KDownloader and Any Video Converter provide free and premium versions of the tool. BigConverter offers an online MP3 cutter with extra features like volume control to chop music and create ringtones.

One hour is the maximum time for videos on YTMP3. For Windows, there is a desktop program called The aTube Catcher. Converto also provides other album arts to all MP3s, while Freemake is a program that searches for tracks, albums, artists, etc.


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